these are the best smart rings

  • What started out as a celebrity exclusive device has finally reached the general public.

  • Major technology manufacturers such as Samsung have already announced their own model.

They have the same functions as smart watches or bracelets, but they are smaller and more discreet. Smart rings are the latest trend in the gadget industry with major manufacturers launching their first model. 2024 has just begun and we’ve already seen a lot of models. Here we will look at what The main smart rings on the market and what they offer. Browse the current smart ring landscape to get an idea of ​​what’s coming next.

There is everything from rings specializing in sleep monitoring to rings specializing in athletes, including ones for contactless payments and others for monitoring various aspects, such as smart bracelets. Instead of wearing it on our wrist, we can now do the same with the ring on your finger.

Ultrahuman Ring AIR

After testing the Ultrahuman Ring Air, it became clear to us that we liked it. A passive, subscription-free device that, although lacking some precision, allows us to fully track physical activity or monitor sleep. It is not cheap and quite thick, but it is very durable and after several days of monitoring it offers us a very complete report on our activities. Its official price is 379 euros.


Go2Sleep from Sleepon – a smart ring specializes in improving sleep. It has sensors such as heart rate and blood oxygen levels (SpO2), and from the app we will receive sleep health reports and specific tips for people with respiratory problems or sleep apnea. Instead of being completely smooth, it has a wider area on one side. It can be purchased for $89.


RingConn is a subscription-free smart ring made of titanium with IP68 certification and all types of monitoring. With a complete application for Android and iOS, we can manage and view heart rate, sleep, physical activity or make payments. Offers approximate battery life one week and its price is $279.


Jakcom R5 is example of cheap smart rings which we can easily find. We have a ring that technically includes six RFID cards, has NFC and allows you to synchronize it with your mobile phone to activate calls or share information on social networks. In stores such as Amazon you can find many of these smart rings for around 40 euros. We do not recommend purchasing them because, being a new type of device, they have a lot of room for improvement and usually cause a lot of problems.


Cnick’s Ring specializes in payments. It includes NFC technology and is designed to unlock doors and compatible devices. The advantage of the device is that it approved by Visa and Mastercardalso compatible with Tesla vehicles starting with 2021 models. This is a ring that does not require recharging and is available in a variety of materials, from ceramic to wood, including common metals. Price depends on material. In ceramics it costs 119 euros.


ArcX is the ring for athletes and the fitness world. Its features include hands-free control for mobile phones or Bluetooth devices. In fact It has a button and Bluetooth technology., acting as a remote shutter button or emergency button. It is made of plastic and is very easy to customize using a mobile application. Its price is 14.95 euros.

Movano Ivy

Movano Evie is a smart ring specialized in health. It is designed for detect early signs of chronic diseases and has multiple sensors and measurements such as heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), sleep, breathing, temperature, blood oxygen level, steps or calories. It has an autonomy of four days and is also used to determine the female menstrual cycle. Its price is $269 for the silver version.

Oura Ring 3

Oura is excellent guide to smart rings. It was the first company to invest decisively in the sector and its rings were worn by celebrities of all styles. Oura Ring Gen3 is an exclusive ring that measures heart rate, blood oxygen levels and provides detailed reports on our activity. It has an autonomy of up to a week, is made of titanium and has an official price of 399 euros in silver.

Amazfit Helium Ring

Amazfit is one of the major sellers of wearable devices in the world, and in January this year at CES 2024 they announced the new Amazfit Helio, a titanium smart ring with EDA monitoring (skin conductivity), and it can be used together with smart watches. The price is unknown at the moment, but it is intended to compete with the most comprehensive ones, such as Oura or Ultrahuman.

Samsung Galaxy Ring

This came as a big surprise after the presentation of the new Galaxy S24. Samsung will release its first ring this year, Ring of the Galaxy. We don’t have many details about it, except that it will use the Samsung Health platform to offer us data and scores on our health. They also talked about monitoring sleep and heart rate. Based on what we saw in Unpacked, it looks like this will be an important device for the South Korean manufacturer. Let’s see to what extent this ring or the others will become as popular as watches or bracelets.

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