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Lately the concept of Nepo Babies has been present on social networks. It is a term that was born from the magazine of vulture in December 2022, when he unveiled the long list of actors and artists who come from families related to the world of entertainment in USA.

Among the clearest examples is Maya Hawke (daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke), Jaden Smith (son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith), lily rose depp (daughter of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp) and hailey bieber (daughter of Stephen Baldwin and niece of Alec).

In theory, they are those children of entertainment celebrities who achieve fame as a result of their parents’ status in industries such as acting, music, fashion, media, or adjacent fields.

And if you have ever wondered if in Chili there are the Nepo Babies, the answer is yes and here at FMDOS We leave you a list of all of them.

Chilean Nepo Babies

laura de la fuente

This young woman is the daughter of Cristian de la Fuente Y angelica castro. She does not appear on television, but at her young age she has already participated in different events, which he attends with his parents. He also works as an influencer on social networks.

Nepo Chilean Babies Laura De La Fuente
Credits: Instagram @laudelafuentec

Kel and Nano Calderon

Both are sons of one of the most famous faces of the national show, raquel argandoñafor which they became famous from a very young age. Raquel Calderonalso known as kelhad his first appearance on the small screen in the program long live monday and, years later, he starred in the youth series Karku, working as an actress and singer. While Hernan he cultivated a lower profile, although he did give a few televised interviews.

In recent years, both have been very present on social networks, with the advertising of big brands in the case of keland the controversies regarding Elder brother. While argandona It has remained in the television medium.

Chilean Nepo Babies Kel Nano Calderon
Credits: Instagram @k3lcalderon / Pudahuel

Maximo Menem Bolocco

Son of Cecilia Bolocco and the former president of Argentina, Carlos Menem, has already had several appearances on television shows. He is also an ambassador for the care foundationof which his mother is the director.

Nepo Chilean Babies Máximo Menem Bolocco
Credits: Instagram @maximobolocco

Millaray Viera

The communicator is the daughter of the late singer gervasio and the model Monica Aguirre. At a young age, she had a small performance on the television series full throttle of Mega. Years later she came to television as a panelist and television presenter of different programs captivating all Chileans.

Chilean Nepo Babies Millaray Viera
Credits: Instagram @millarayviera

Mariana Di Girolamo

Niece of the famous Claudia di Girolamo, mariana He jumped into the world of acting for his participation in Mega telenovelas as Pituca without Lucas and Forgive our sins.

Her film acting career took an international leap in 2019during the Venice Film Festivalbeing the protagonist of the film Emma from the director Pablo Larrainwhere her performance garnered rave reviews.

Nepo Chilean Babies Mariana Di Girólamo
Credits: Instagram @marianadigirolamo

Pedro Campos

Another of the Nepo Babies Chilean who belongs to the family say girolamois Peter Fields, an actor who has had several stellar performances.

The actor is the son of two prominent national interpreters: Claudia Di Girolamo and Cristián Camposwho have more than 30 years of experience in national TV.

Although he had previously had roles in productions, his great rise to fame was in Come earlysoap opera TVN. It is currently part of the dramatic area of Mega.

Nepo Chilean Babies Pedro Campos
Credits: Instagram @pedrocamposdi

Belen Soto

The daughter of the also actress Carolina Infante and the late broadcaster Aldo Sotoat the age of 10, had his first important role on television participating in the soap opera Channel 13 Daddy Rickystation where his mother works to this day, as presenter of the weather report.

At 25 years old, the young woman currently bases her popularity through social networks, being one of the main influencers in the country. She has written a book and has four soap operas to her credit.

Nepo Chilean Babies Belen Soto
Credits: Instagram @belen_soto

Simon Pesutic

The actor is currently part of the dramatic area of Mega. She rose to fame in 2011 in TVNspecifically in the teleserie Alice’s Labyrinth. Later she acquired greater notoriety in Poor richwhere he had his first leading role.

He was also a radio host in Radio CocaColaForMe and television in channel 13C in the program ChACO sessions.

Simón is the son of Mauricio Pesuticrecognized national actor with a long history of national soap operas, especially in TVN and Mega, and Verónica Neumann. His last project was Family secretssoap opera Channel 13playing the role of Alfonso Cruchaga.

Nepo Chilean Babies Simón Pesutic
Credits: Instagram @simonpesuticn

Jorge Zabaleta

He is one of the most outstanding actors of the last decade in our country, although he is currently far from that category. Top this list of Nepo Babies Chileans for being son of Chilean musician Antonio Zabaleta, who with his brother Miguel formed the duo Red Juniors.

Although he has not recorded soap operas in recent years, Zabaleta is currently an advertising face and is part of the star Socios de la Parrilla, on Channel 13.

Nepo Chilean Babies Jorge Zabaleta
Credits: Instagram @zabaletachile

Joan Ringeling

National actress part of teleseries in TVN and Channel 13. She is also the daughter of the ex-deputy Frederick Ringelingwho was also mayor of the commune of Zapallar.

She has managed to develop a career as an actress, singer and director. She acting in film, theater, television and web, standing out in productions such as Bim bam bum, Heroes, the musical, Beauty and the beast and the Depto 301 web series, among others.

Chilean Nepo Babies Juana Ringeling
Credits: Instagram @juana.ringeling

His latest works were linked to the world of sustainability and ecology. She is currently away from the screen and dedicated to other projects.

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