These are the eight video games that will be available to download for free on Amazon Prime Gaming in March 2024.

They will all arrive every Thursday in small batches.

A new month begins, which means that the time for the renewal of video games is approaching, which all registered will be able to download for free. Prime Gaming. Amazon said there will be eight video games coming in March that all users will be able to get and add permanently to their account.

As usual, there is no need to continue paying your bill monthly to have access to them because once they are paid off They will remain linked to the account.. Among all of them, the fact that stands out is that Fallout 2 is one of the selected games this month so that everyone can travel back in time and relive the second part of the famous post-apocalyptic saga.

All games will be released gradually in small batches that will be available every Thursday. Below we leave you with a complete list with the corresponding platforms selected for each:

  • March 7: Fallout 2 (GOG) and Scarf (Prime Gaming)
  • March 14th: Mystery Case Files: Moths to a Flame (Prime Gaming) and Invincible Presents: Atom Eve (Epic Games Store)
  • 21 March: Pearls of Atlantis: The Cove (Legacy Games)
  • March 28: Bus Simulator 21: Next Stop (Prime Video), Through the Darkest Hour (Prime Video) and Bridge to Another World: Secrets of the Nutcracker (Prime Video)

In addition, the Prime Gaming subscription has another set of benefits, as several video games are offered every month. item packs to get them at no extra cost. For example, you can get a special tabard in World of Warcraft, a weapon skin in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, some items in Pokémon GO, or even a card pack in Hearthstone, just to name a few.

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