These are the new features of Android 14

  • Android TV finally changes version and moves to Android 14

  • There are some new features and yes, artificial intelligence is making an appearance.

That’s it: the update speed of Android TV TVs is not nearly as fast as that of mobile phones or tablets. The latest version is Android 13, announced in December 2022, with no further changes. However, that doesn’t mean Android TV is extremely popular, with more than 220 million connected devices, according to Google. So it’s interesting to see what new features the latest update announced at Google I/O brings: Android 14.

AI comes to Google TV. First of all, to avoid any confusion, it should be noted that Google TV is the level of customization that Google puts on Android TV. This is an interface, a launcher. Well, one of the first news is that Gemini has been added.

Google TV is a discovery-focused experience, and now, thanks to Gemini, it will be able to generate personalized descriptions “based on your preferences for actors and genres.” Likewise, the AI ​​will be responsible for filling in and completing descriptions for movies and TV shows that are not available.

Energy saving in Android 14 for TV | Image: Google

Performance Improvements. Focusing on Android 14 as an operating system, Google claims that Android 14 has been improved so that users can expect a “faster, more responsive TV viewing experience.” New energy saving modes have also been added, aimed at reducing the TV’s power consumption when it’s on. support. As Google revealed, they will be as follows:

  • Low Power Mode: Disables wireless connections when the TV is in sleep mode.
  • Power Optimization Mode: Allows you to wake up your TV using network features such as Google Cast (Wi-Fi only) and Google Assistant.
  • Power Mode: Allows you to use all functions when the TV is at rest, including the Google Home platform.

There are also special features such as color correction, improved text options, and navigation optimization.

Multitasking. This is an interesting development. While it’s true that PiP mode has been available on Android TV for a long time, it never hurts to know that PiP (Picture in Picture) mode is now officially supported for “eligible TV models running Android 14.” This is more of a development issue, much like Compose for TV beta 1.0.0-beta01, Google’s recommended approach to creating user interfaces.

How do I know if Android 14 is on my TV?. The Android 14 TV release will be staggered, as always, and will likely take a long time to reach all TVs. When it arrives, the TV will show us a notification and we just need to follow the instructions. The first devices to be updated are expected to be Chromecast with Google TV.

Images | Google, Hataka Android

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