These are the people who shouldn’t eat toast for breakfast.

Breakfast This is important, but almost as important as doing in the right direction. toast presented as breakfast option that is quick and easy to prepare and very tasty for taste. Moreover, we consume them I’m convinced that, against all those sweets and baked goods who captivate us just by looking at them, we choose a healthier diet.

However, according to expertsMay be Toast isn’t the best way to start the day either.or at least not for all.

First of all, it must be taken into account that not all toast is the same: type of bread and ingredients added to it they will have great impact on nutritional value. whole grain bread and sourdough bread They present themselves as healthier than sliced ​​breadwhich usually have too much fat, sugar and salt.

If we put company inadequatefor example, butter, jam or sausage, the result is unhealthy breakfast. Ideally it would be to add tomatoes, avocado, tuna, spinach or fruits such as strawberries, banana, kiwi or blackberries.Yes one healthier alternativebut in the morning it’s certainly much less appetizing.

Avoid toast

Nutrition experts say that toast is not equally healthy for everyone and some of which its consumption should be avoided are:

1- Celiac disease. People suffering from this chronic digestive disorder What is celiac disease? They should not eat traditional bread because it contains gluten. Its consumption causes immune reaction that is damaging coating small intestinewhich causes a number of symptoms and digestive problems in the short and long term.

2- Sensitive to gluten. There are people who do not have celiac disease but are sensitive to gluten and symptoms similar to those of celiac diseasetherefore, they should also avoid eating traditional bread.

A man has breakfast with toast with butter, juice and coffee.

3- Diabetics or insulin resistant. Toast can cause spikes in blood sugar levels therefore, diabetics should avoid them. Likewise, people with insulin resistance They must be careful with refined carbohydrates avoid glucose surges.

4- People who want to lose weight. Toast, especially if accompanied by butter or jam, can be high in calories or carbohydrates and make it more difficult to lose weight. Besides, in No provide a feeling satiety duration, the person will return to feel hungry earlier and to eat more you will gain more weight.

5- Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Bread containing gluten or yeast may aggravate symptoms of those who suffer from this. These include abdominal pain and changes in stoolsuch as diarrhea, constipation, or both.

6- Food intolerance. Those people with intolerance to certain ingredients that are sometimes found in breadAs with the lactose in milk-fortified bread, they should avoid such toast.

7- Cardiovascular diseases. Refined carbohydrates in bread may contribute inflammation already appearing cardiovascular problems. They can be increased by adding butter or margarine containing saturated or trans fats to the toast.

Healthier Alternatives

For those who want to avoid toast, eggs, Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, nuts or oats presented as much healthier alternatives for breakfast.

This is how they confirm it Harvard scientistswho claim that in order for the first meal to be of high quality, it must provide healthy proteins and slow-digesting carbohydrates (such as oats or apples) that have excellent satiating effect.

fiber is also a great ally For reduce levels blood sugar level And cholesteroland also to maintain good gut health, so it is recommended to include nuts I eat almonds and hazelnuts for breakfast.

The pieces of bread were more or less toasted, the first one was rather burnt.

Never burn bread

Experts warn to take precautions to prevent bread from burning. This is due to the danger posed by acrylamidechemical substance formed when carbohydrate-rich foods are heated at high temperatures And? increase the risk of cancerAccording to Aesan (Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition), these are mainly the kidneys, endometrium and ovaries.

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