These are the strongest gifts in anime

The anime of “My Hero Academia” is the greatest representation of the world of superheroes that has occurred in the middle, and this is attested to by the worldwide success of both manga and the episodes themselves by bones. Izuku Midoria’s story is one that has hooked more and more fans over the years, and that has allowed its author, Kouhei Horikoshi, to have time to develop many different gifts. But, which are the strongest among all these?

Before beginning, think that obviously there may be spoilers in the article depending on how much you know about the manga and/or the anime. On the other hand, also keep in mind that this is a subjective list, that is, under my opinion and knowledge. By this I mean that if anyone has different opinions, he is more than free to share them in the comments.

10 – Half Cold Half Hot

  • This Quirk that originates from a Katy Perry song (yes, just kidding) allows Shoto the use of a highly powerful combination of elements: fire and ice.
  • With the power of flames inherited from his father, Shoto is able to generate attacks of tremendous offensive violencebut with the power of ice it can move quickly as well as block possible dangers and limit the movement of enemies.
  • This makes Half Cold Half Hot a Gift of impressive versatility in combat. When things get tough, Shoto’s Quirk is a priority for the full range of actions he can perform.
todoroki cosplay woman
Todoroki’s Combined Quirk makes him a master of all things in My Hero Academia.

9 – Blueflame (Blue Flames)

  • This Gift is the one belonging to Dabi, formerly known as Toya Todoroki and therefore heir to Endeavor’s line of powers. Hence his Quirk allows him to use flames, albeit in this case blue.
  • It has been confirmed that Dabi’s flames are even more powerful than Endeavor’s own but also Shoto’swhich automatically makes him the most lethal of the family and a villain of destructive power like few others.
  • Dabi’s blue flames have already been shown in action on more than one occasion and with overwhelming results, such as burning down an entire forest in a matter of seconds or completely nullifying Shoto’s flamesimposing the fuel power of their own.
my hero academia dabi cosplay
Dabi’s Blue Flames make him a fearsome enemy in My Hero Academia

8 – Explosion

  • Bakugo’s Quirk, and one of the most outstanding at offensive level that exist in the lore of My Hero Academia.
  • Bakugo has gradually refined his gift to come up with special techniques that would allow him to make the most of the destructive nature of its powerand the truth is that he has done a magnificent job with it.
  • On the other hand, what Bakugo has achieved is also to do that his Gift is not one that gives him only offensive character, but also a high degree of mobility. When used with his great combat instincts, Bakugo is able to make the explosions he produces make him extremely difficult to predict in battle.
My Hero Academia Katsuki Bakugo
Bakugo’s Gift is one of the most advanced offensively in all of My Hero Academia

7 – Overhaul

  • Overhaul is the Quirk of Kai Chisaki, whom we saw enter in action as one of the most powerful villains ever shown in the My Hero Academia anime.
  • His Overhaul gift has a very clear ability: it gives him full control over all kinds of matterbeing able to restructure it to harm and to heal.
  • That is, Overhaul can (for example) restructure the physical matter of a person to end his life and to heal wounds. Likewise, he can also alter his physique to improve it considerably.
  • Overhaul’s power is such that Chisaki uses even a few specialized gloves to limit its effectwhich could imply that the capabilities of the gift are even greater than what we come to appreciate in action.
Overhaul is one of the most destructive Quirks in My Hero Academia.

6 – Permeability

  • Mirio Togata’s Quirk, one that its user has honed to the extreme to turn it into a much more powerful ability than it might seem at first glance.
  • Initially, the main ability of Permeability is the one that allows one to traverse subjects without any difficultybut it becomes an incredible power thanks to Mirio himself.
  • In combat, Permeability is a Gift incredibly powerful and versatile that makes its possessor virtually unstoppable, basically because he can make any type of attack of any kind simply pass through his person, without taking any damage. It has already been seen against Chisaki that the only way to get the Permeation user to take serious damage is to put himself in a situation where he must be the recipient of a hit no matter what.
My Hero Academia Mirio Togata
Mirio’s Gift of Permeation grants a lot of survivability in combat

5 – Decay

  • Tomura Shigaraki’s Quirk, one that constantly evolves during the My Hero Academia anime.
  • From the beginning it was already considered as a Gift of tremendously fearsome offensive power since it had the ability to kill any enemy with a single blow, although it had a clear weakness: range.
  • However, after the multiple physical and Quirk alterations that Shigaraki suffers, Decay ends up being a Gift as well with a gigantic effective rangewhich makes it easily the most powerful offensive Quirk in all of My Hero Academia (obviously if one doesn’t take into account the combination that One For All and All for One represent).
My Hero Academia Tomura Shigaraki
Shigaraki’s Quirk always made him a threat in My Hero Academia.

4 – Rewind (Rewind)

  • Eri’s gift, and surely one of the most valuable out of combat throughout My Hero Academia.
  • As has already been seen on more than one occasion, this Gift has the ability to revert effects and states completely on a person.
  • we could see it with Deku, when he was using a much higher One For All power state than he was prepared for, and yet Eri’s Rewind prevented him from taking damage. He has also been seen eventually with miriowho ends up recovering his Gift thanks precisely to Eri’s Gift.
  • If this Gift were used by someone with full mastery over it, it would cause it to be almost any wound can be healed instantlyamong other similar great feats.
my hero academia eri
Little Eri has access to Rewind, one of the most powerful gifts of all.

3 – Erase (Erasure)

  • This is the Quirk of Erasure Head and one of the greatest weapons of the heroes in the fight against the villains. Why? basically because Allows you to ‘erase’ an enemy’s Gift.
  • When Erasure Head keeps his gaze fixed on someone and activates the Quirk, that ‘someone’ will see impossible to use his Quirk for as long as he is under the effects of the Erase.
  • A great example of the impact of this Gift and its consequent power is during the battle against the ‘Awakened’ Shigaraki from season 6 of My Hero Academia. Despite having multiple gifts from All For One, the impact of the Erase prevented him from using his own Gift, another of the most feared in the anime.
This My Hero Academia Gift is capable of temporarily erasing any other Gift

2 – All For One

  • All For One is a fearsome Gift that has the primary ability to steal the Gift from whomever it comes in contact withbeing able to use it at will later.
  • A derived ability is that the All For One also you can store those stolen Gifts and ‘insert’ them into someone else to choose.
  • As a consequence of All For One, the user of the Gift has access to the greatest variety of Gifts that one can be found throughout My Hero Academia.
  • The All For One is the main reason for the creation of the One For Alland if it weren’t for the latter, it would clearly be the most powerful Gift in all of My Hero Academia.
all for one
This Gift allows the user to steal and store Gifts for later use at will.

1 – One For All

  • The Gift of Izuku, All Might and other generational heroes that for years they have managed to keep the forces of evil at bay.
  • It is debatable whether this or All for One is the most powerful Quirk. of all, but I think that the fact that One for All has served to stop the latter is proof that it is ahead.
  • With Izuku it has already been verified that the One for All bearer can eventually win access to VERY powerful and versatile abilitiesamong which one can highlight:
    • A tremendously overwhelming force
    • Incredible mobility, both due to physical traits and the ability to fly
    • Support to third parties through a skill that allows you to limit the movement of enemies
    • Etc.
  • Although One For All is one of the gifts that requires more training to master, the fruits collected from the work done are by far the greatest of all existing gifts in the universe of My Hero Academia.
one for all
The One For All is the strongest Quirk in My Hero Academia, the only one that stops the All For One

And these are the gifts and powers that I consider to be the strongest of all the lore of “My Hero Academia”. yes obviously there is many other gifts that could perfectly be on the list, especially depending on whether one values ​​utility more than purely offensive, for example. However, considering that I have already introduced gifts like ‘Erase’ or ‘Rewind’, I thought it appropriate to give combat gifts a little more free rein, since in the end many of the conflicts are resolved in direct battles.

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