These devices translate sound and text in real time: we tested the T1 Mini and WT2 Edge hearing aids.

The T1 Mini and WT2 headphones are ideal for travelers or constant communication with people from other countries. (Information)

During a trip to Spain, I had the opportunity to meet a man from Brazil on a plane who started a conversation because I was wearing a soccer jersey and started asking me what other teams I liked and if I knew any from his country.

During the hour-long flight, we tried to communicate as best we could because neither he spoke Spanish nor I spoke Portuguese, and English was not our strong suit. But it was an enjoyable hour, and in the end I thought I could make a great friend if I had something on hand. This will help me communicate better. I found something four years later.

Timecoatl It is equipped with two devices that translate audio, text and image formats in real time, and we were able to test both of them to learn in detail how we can use them in everyday situations.

This is a device that combines sound and image functions. It is similar in design to a cell phone, but much smaller, with a 2.8-inch screen. But it also comes with a 5-megapixel camera, microphone, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage. It supports 38 languages, 80 accents, and we can download eight translation combinations for offline use.

With it, we can take an audio recording of a person and translate it into text-to-speech. This is a form of use similar to that of a handheld voice recorder, in which we press a button to record audio and release it to translate.

In the case of a camera, it is useful to translate the text of advertising posters, documents, accessories and generally small elements, because your horizons are not very broad and since it’s on a small screen, it’s best used for short texts.

The device allows you to translate a conversation in real time between two people.

This device has a special function and is designed for occasions such as travel in which we need to hear or say something in a language we do not speak, such as a traffic accident, hotel arrival or assistance during a flight. Due to its size fits easily in your pocket or handbag.

Its audio feature is quite useful. Although you need to be precise when pressing the button to start the conversation from the beginning, you can write down the ideal amount of time to translate the whole sentence without breaks. Additionally, the result is displayed in text as well as audio format, making it accessible to all types of users.

The biggest issue in this section is the language configuration, as the small screen makes navigation a bit clunky, which may bother some users.

Regarding image translation, its function is familiar if we used Google Lens: By pointing the camera at the text, a translation will appear on the screen and we will also be given the text to read elsewhere.

This is where process flexibility issues arise, especially since the camera has no focus, so you will have to be patient when translating as it may not include all the text, leading to inaccuracies in the result. In addition, photographs taken are not saved and there is no translation history.

With this device you can translate advertising posters or documents.

In outline, Fluentalk T1 Mini It is ideal for travelers, although its functions can be performed by a current cell phone, having a translation-oriented device provides greater comfort in case the phone runs out or is lost, and by not storing personal data, we are not exposed to additional risks. Its design makes it lightweight and easy to carry in your pocket.

Like the previous device, it supports almost 40 languages ​​and allows you to download eight combinations for offline use. The difference is that here we are looking at a pair of translation-oriented hearing aids, so they will not be used for listening to cell phone content such as music or videos.

To use hearing aids, we need to download an application that will be responsible for creating the link and translating the content.

The T1 Mini and WT2 headphones are ideal for travelers or constant communication with people from other countries. (Information)

Among its features is the ability to translate a simultaneous conversation between two people, so each person takes the hearing aid and listens in their own language. This is ideal for specific situations such as a work meeting, casual conversation while traveling, or as a method for learning a new language.

Another feature allows you to connect your mobile phone microphone and listen to the translation in real time. This option is interesting for viewing content in another language, without subtitles or translation.

While it’s not useful for watching movies or TV shows because the app doesn’t differentiate between each character and throws errors, it’s useful for watching conferences or monologues. All we have to do is bring the phone to the audio output, activate the mode and listen to the translation in real time.

The WT2 app saves conversations and works like a speaker. (Information)

Unlike the Fluentalk T1 Mini, the transfer history is saved because the app is responsible for storing the information, taking advantage of the phone system, which is much more reliable.

Although since then Timecoatl They do not guarantee 100% translation accuracy, the actual percentage is very close and the content is well understood, especially since hearing aids are designed to capture good sound and focus on the user’s voice.

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