These people who have suffered school bullying as children

In France, according to government figures, 5 to 6% of students are victims of school bullying. Across the Atlantic, this scourge affects one in four schoolchildren, based on a study in the Journal of Educational Psychology. A phenomenon which, of course, is not limited to one category of person. Some child-turned-stars have also suffered from it.

These celebrities bullied during their childhood

They are now stars, adored, but their life has not always been a long calm river. During their childhood, from elementary school to high school, some celebrities suffered bullying at school. Mocked, insulted, criticized, excluded, these personalities have kept the consequences of their schooling. Rihanna, Tom Cruise, Louane and so many others have recovered. Today, they use their personal experience to raise awareness and denounce bullying so that this pattern does not happen again.

These stars rejected because of their physique or their sexual orientation

If today their career is experiencing a meteoric rise, before getting there, some actors or singers known worldwide have suffered horrible mockery because of their physical appearance or their physical orientation, such as Mika, the British singer and musician- American-Lebanese. Justin Timberlake, meanwhile, was teased for having acne. Zoom on these stars who suffered but knew how to get up and shine!

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