They affirm that Jenni Rivera is alive, fans were shocked

A surprise that Jenni Rivera’s fans have received is a publication that was made on her social networks, her fans immediately believed that still alive and they do not stop affirming it, especially on Twitter.

It was an unfortunate December 9, 2012 when La Diva de la Banda Jenni Rivera He departed from this world, leaving millions of broken hearts, since he was in his best moment, at that time he was participating in the reality show “La Voz… México”.

The career of the interpreter of “Oblivion does not come” was also at its best; Dolores Jeanney Rivera Saavedra full name of the famous singer whom everyone knew as Jenni Rivera, became one of those personalities difficult to forget.

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A day ago a new publication appeared on the singer’s Instagram account, in it we simply saw a black background with “2022” written in white letters right in the middle.

This publication quickly obtained more than one hundred thousand red hearts and also more than 4,500 comments asking if he was alive, other Internet users were simply moved by the publication.

They affirm that Jenni Rivera is alive, fans were shocked | Instagram @jennirivera

However, two hours ago a new image was posted again, this time it was a photo of herself, sitting on a chair! Jenni was wearing a very elegant white dress, but without losing her own flirty style as you can appreciate.

She also had platform shoes and her hair was loose with waves, in one of her hands she was holding a microphone and the other simply placed it on her thighs.

“Jenni Rivera 2022”, was the description that we found in said publication that already has 81,200 red hearts in total, the impact that her fans received was such that they immediately began to trend her name on Twitter.

You are alive daughter of the tequilada!!! I’m glad you decided to get out of your hidden YouTuber life!! I love you so much,” one fan commented.

It is worth mentioning that a couple of months or maybe a year ago, when another rumor about Jenni Rivera it was said that she was alive because there was a YouTuber who had a voice extremely similar to hers, especially because her face did not appear, later this assumption was apparently clarified.

Another important fact that you surely did not know is that her younger sister Rosie Rivera was in charge of running her companies and obviously her social networks, once the Diva de la Banda left, she has kept her companies afloat and perhaps these publications form part of a new project.

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