They also burn Oxxo stores and add 10 dead

Ciudad Juarez.- As it has not been seen for years, violence broke out yesterday on this border, with a preliminary balance of at least 10 dead, 10 injured, businesses and vehicles set on fire and a city plunged into fear, presumably as a result of a brawl between rival gangs State Social Reintegration Center (Cereso) Number 3.

At night, reports of attacks on civilians and violent acts continued in different parts of the metropolis.

“Looks like the devil got in”

It all started around 1:00 p.m., when a fight was reported inside Cereso Number 3. Unofficially, it was reported that the confrontation was between members of Los Chapos and Los Mexicles, rival gangs, but both linked to the Sinaloa Cartel.

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The State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) confirmed that two people deprived of liberty died in the fight, who were identified as Kevin Alan CA and Raúl Abraham SO Four wounded were also reported, who received medical attention; His health status was not reported.

The violence broke out during visiting hours, so dozens of family members were inside the prison.

“It seems that the devil entered,” said a woman, a relative of a detainee, who told EL UNIVERSAL how armed men dressed as civilians were the ones who started the fight.

Witnesses indicated that many inmates were beaten to death, but others had knives. “We got out as best we could, others fell to the ground and no guard helped us. We want the authority to tell us how it is that there is no security and anyone can enter the Cereso as if nothing had happened,” added the woman, who requested anonymity.

Widespread attacks

Around 4:00 p.m., the authorities reported that the fight inside the prison had been contained, but violence was about to break out in the city.

At that time, reports began about attacks against convenience stores, various businesses, as well as assaults and people injured by firearm attacks in different parts of the metropolis.

Armed men opened fire on a pizzeria in the east of the city, leaving four dead and one injured, according to the report of the municipal police In a branch of Oxxo, located in the Infonavit Ampliación Aeropuerto neighborhood, the death was reported of two women, an employee and another young woman who was going to leave her job application.

“Both of them died, one was my cousin, and the other, the manager. My cousin was 18 years old and the other I don’t know how old she was, ”the cousin of one of the young women, who was outside the store when elements of the Forensic Medical Service lifted the bodies, told this newspaper.

Along with this fact, two people were executed in different events; a gas station and another Oxxo store were attacked with bullets, while a truck was set on fire in Riberas del Bravo.

There were also reports of injuries in different attacks with firearms against businesses and a bomb threat in a maquiladora.

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“What’s going on?”

Faced with the wave of violence, many businesses decided to close their doors, especially convenience stores.

The residents asked each other, through text messages, what was happening in the city and it was spread that application taxis would stop providing service.

In the tours made by THE UNIVERSAL It was verified how some Juarenses were in uncertainty and wondered what the authorities were doing to contain this wave of violence. Army and police patrols were also seen. National Guard.

At press time, the state government had not commented on the situation.

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