They announce a movie more violent than ‘The Squid Game’

Did you like ‘The Squid Game’? This is what its director Hwang Dong-hyuk said about the new project with which he promises that the Korean series will look like ‘children’s stuff’.

Due to the success achieved by the first season of the series ‘The Squid Game’, its fans are impatiently waiting for the second installment, but it seems that enough time will pass for that and that is that its creator Hwang Dong-hyuk had revealed that it had not yet started to write the script.

However, Dong-hyuk in a recent interview unveiled a new project, as he said he is working on a new film with which he promises to be even more “violent and macabre” than ‘The Squid Game’.

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According to the Variety medium, the title of the project planned by the South Korean director and screenwriter would be Killing Old People Club, or KO Club. The film would be based on a novel by Umberto Eco, and according to its creator it will make the new film ‘The Squid Game’ seem like a child’s play.

“Very controversial and much more violent than The Squid Game,” Hwang Dong-hyuk mentioned during the latest edition of Mip Tv regarding the new narration he has planned.

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Dong-hyuk, accompanied by his producer Jun Young Jang, also stated that he already has a preview of his film project, as he said it has 25 pages written.

Although the screenwriter of the successful Netflix series did not provide further details of the film, I do joke that when his project is released he will have to hide from older adults, so everything indicates that older people will be the target of violence in the movie.


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