They attack the home of Salvini, a politician who promises to “protect Italian homes from thieves”.

Roman house of Politician Matteo Salvini, According to local media, the current vice president of the government and infrastructure minister was attacked by thieves last night, however, they failed to open his safe.

The politician has asked the press through his communication channels not to broadcast his address because it is “sensitive data” and for “obvious reasons of security and confidentiality”.

The events took place last night when Some thieves entered the politician’s house from the garden sideIn the prestigious northern area of ​​the capital, taking advantage of the fact that there was no one there.

It is currently unknown whether they succeeded in stealing anything, although media reports state that they were not able to open the safe.

According to the same sources, it was the politician’s own neighbors who alerted the police after hearing suspicious noises inside, but the thieves managed to escape.

Italian politician, Current Vice Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, Throughout his career he always campaigned warning of the increase in theft and robberies in the country.

During his tenure as interior minister (June 2018–September 2019), he advocated a “strong hand” against robberies, and then supported a jeweler sentenced to 17 years in prison for the murder of two robbers. , and promoted fundraising in his favor.

League chief Salvini is on the campaign trail for European Parliament elections in June and has focused his speeches on crime, often linking it to irregular immigration.

You can see election posters on the streets of Italy Salvini promised to “protect the homes and cars of Italians”.

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