They call for the release of “El Catrín” after a trial in Libertad Park

Dancers Ivan C and Lisette C were arrested after a heated fight in a busy plaza in San Salvador.

By J. barrera
January 06, 2024- 11:36

Last Thursday, news spread like wildfire that Ivan C., popularly known as “Katrin” and his partner was Lisette C. Arrested To get involved in a strong brawl in the Libertad Park of San San Salvador, a place where they have become characters.

Several videos spread on social networks show the moment in which Lisette attacks her famous partner. Jealousy and financial problems led to a public debate, which ended with the arrest of both dancers.

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“Katrin” is one of the most popular characters in Libertad Park. Image of illustrative and non-commercial nature /

After watching the video of the assault and hearing the news of the arrest, users on social networks have expressed their opinions on the matter; Many demand that he be released, because he was the one who was attacked.

“The video clearly shows the attack of the woman on the man. Why are they taking that guy? A victim.”” and “The only thing you see in the video is the woman attacking another person.”There are some comments which are read in X.

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According to lawyer Carla Guevara, the case may not be determined as a felony, but as a misdemeanor and therefore may not be cause for imprisonment.

“As a lawyer with basic knowledge of criminal law, I can tell you that these are not crimes, they are just misdemeanors and do not deserve jail. But as far as the people are concerned, bread and circuses, as it was in the time of the Roman emperors.”Guevara expressed through his X account.

El Catrin arrested
The two involved in the dispute were arrested by the National Civil Police after a few minutes. Photos courtesy PNC

It is worth remembering that this is not the first time that “El Catrin” and Lisette have had this type of problem. About eight months earlier he had been arrested by agents of the National Civil Police after being involved in another fight.

It is also important to mention that both characters have been in a marital relationship for many years where Lisette’s alleged jealousy would have been the daily bread. On several occasions they have announced their “final separation” to the four winds, but then they resumed their relationship and appeared in public again very much in love. Will this new scandal end their relationship?

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