They called him a package and he betrayed them with his neighbor, Florentino regrets it

Real Madrid
Real Madrid

The Real Madrid It is one of the most important teams in history. Over the years it has been able to sign the best footballers and in this way it has managed to achieve the most important titles that can be achieved as a club. However, he has also been wrong and has left behind stories that seem hard to believe.

Throughout its history it has had footballers such as Alfredo di Stefano, Ronaldo, Raul and Zidane; among others. However, he had in his possession a player who was considered a fan of the white house, but who could never shine as he wanted.

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He won the World Cup and they reject him in Germany, Florentino suffers and Barca laughs

First they rejected him, Madrid betrayed him and now he laughs with his millions

alvaro morata He is a footballer who currently plays in the Atletico Madrid. He played in the Real Madrid but could not make a difference. Despite the fact that the fans loved him, he decided to change sides and broke the heart of more than one White House fan.

They did not trust him and now they suffer his absence

morata He was a player who made a difference and who loved the Real Madrid. However, he was always in the shadow of players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema; reason for which he could not get a place in the starting team and decided to go play for the team of the Cholo Simeone, who did not waste the opportunity to have one of the best strikers in Spain.

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