They chase custodians for taking selfies with money

Juarez city.- Two guardians of the Social Reintegration Center No. 1, located in Aquiles Cerdan, were separated from their posts last Friday after they circulated a photo in which they posed with cash in the dormitory area of ​​the prison, where they drank alcoholic beverages Had also drank. The personnel of the State Public Security Secretariat (SSPE) informed.

The photo was spread in a group of relatives of people deprived of their liberty in Cereso 3 of this city, created on the social network Facebook. Jorge Armendáriz Fernández, spokesman for the corporation, assured that the General Directorate of the Penitentiary System, Prevention and Social Reintegration informed him that “the photo is very old, so it is not a current photo.”

“In fact, one element visible in it no longer works in the institution. In any case, Internal Affairs was informed to launch an investigation and we will remain attentive, however, the picture does not correspond to the current period of the penitentiary system,” he stressed.

However, the spokesperson did not respond to a request for data regarding the date of entry of the guards and the day on which the element who presumably no longer worked in the prison was discharged.

The two protectors were officially identified by SSPE personnel as: Juan Carlos GG and Hector Joel MV.

Through the National Transparency Platform (PTN), it was observed that both individuals were hired in the current state administration, when the penitentiary system was in charge of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) and this year it became controlled by the SSPE .

Only the salaries received by both custodians between 2022 and 2033 are visible on the portal, i.e. the salaries were paid by the FGE and the SSPE.

A relevant fact is that according to PTN, when both patrons were on the FGE payroll, they received a monthly net salary of 9,306 pesos.

In the report updated in the month of November 2023, the salary assumption has dropped significantly as the platform shows that Juan Carlos received a net salary of 6,626 pesos per month last year, while his partner received a net salary of 5 thousand 435 Have an estimate. Pesos during 2023.


The image shared on social networks shows two men smiling, one wearing a sweatshirt with the letters K9 on the right side and the other wearing a blue uniform. Both are sitting on a bed, which is part of the furniture in the guard’s rest room.

This room for the guards is within all prison facilities, as was reported during the tour of Cereso 3 last Monday.

There are two tables in front of them; One of them is tall and dark and you can see a row of 11 stacks of bills of different denominations as well as a can of beer.

On another wooden table placed in front of both patrons, you can see four rows of bills, including stacks of bills of different denominations, as well as another can of beer.

Next to the uniformed guard is another can of beer.

Compliance with CNDH recommendation pending

On July 31, the National Human Rights Commission issued Recommendation 132/2023 to the government of the state of Chihuahua for acts and omissions of authorities that resulted in violations of the human rights to social reintegration, personal integrity, life, legal protection and legality. , quotes the official document.

To this organization it was more obvious that the State Government “neglected its obligations to administer, organize and operate Cereso, based on the national law of criminal executions, as responsible, and to maintain the order and discipline of those deprived of it.” “Failed to maintain.” Freedom, as well as maintaining peace inside the detention center.” And according to the investigation conducted by the Prosecutor’s Office, detention personnel were the main link between criminals and prison managers and these acts of corruption led to the mass escape of 30 prisoners on January 1, 2023.


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