They cheat the Cuban people by selling fake air tickets

A network of scammers continues to defraud Cubans intending to leave the country through the sale of counterfeit air tickets.

Desperate to leave the island becomes unsustainable and many fall into the hands of unscrupulous people who profit from the needs of others.

One of the most recent cases is that of a family who sold all their property in Cuba to buy tickets to Guyana. The scammers promised seats on an Aruba Airlines flight traveling between Havana and Georgetown. However, the deception won’t stop there.

The robbery victims paid $1,400.00 USD to an alleged personal manager. He then sold more air tickets to other people, making more false promises. For example, the trip would include a transfer in Uruguay. Furthermore, secret passage through Brazil was guaranteed after landing in Guyana.

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The methodology is repeated again and again; As desperation to leave the island grows, more Cubans are continuing to “take the bait.” It turns out that well-known “travel agents” openly advertise their exclusive services. One of them is the sale of tickets and the other is the appointment of managers who will collect the money in Cuba.

However, as expected, these agents were never seen and both the intermediaries and the customers were defrauded. One of the couples who fell victim to such a scam had planned their trip to Uruguay with that alleged travel agency.

The scam was worth $4,200.00 USD. To get this amount he was forced to sell his house. Now he has neither accommodation nor plane ticket.

It is important to verify the authenticity of plane tickets to avoid falling into such scams. This can be checked at airports, physical agencies or the official website of the airline.

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