They compare the graphics of the original Until Dawn game with the graphics of the new remake for PS5 and PC.

After numerous rumors about its existence, it was confirmed during Sony’s latest State of Play that Before dawn It will have an updated version on PS5 and PC. It’s a game remade on a new graphics engine (Unreal Engine 5) and with important gaming innovations, such as the ability to freely move the camera from a third person.

Announcement of new Before dawn was accompanied by a first trailer recreating scenes we had already seen in the original, so graphical comparison It was on a platter. Thus youtuber Cycu1, known for posting these types of videos, posted scenes shown from remake with those that were in the original game. You can check the differences yourself below:

He remake from Before dawn will be released this year, developed by Ballistic Moon

We’ve updated the characters, environments and sound effects. to provide an authentic cinematic horror experience. We use cinematic color palette and new perspectives that will add a more nuanced and emotional dimension to the story,” the developers said on the PlayStation Blog.

As you can see, the graphical difference remake from Before dawn in the original game this is significant. Transition to a graphics engine Unreal engine 5 It shows, and we still haven’t seen things like a new third-person camera, improved animation, or ambient sound. It won’t take us long since Ballistic Moon (responsible for developing remake) and Supermassive Games (whose co-founders just said goodbye) have confirmed that Before dawn will be released this year on PS5 and PC.

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