They confirmed that Cristiano Ronaldo will face PSG in Saudi Arabia: how was the bizarre announcement

The Portuguese will be present in the friendly against PSG

This Thursday it was announced that Cristiano Ronaldo will be part of the friendly match that will be played by the all-star team of the two best teams in Saudi Arabia and the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) on January 19. In this way, fans around the world are excited to see a duel between the Portuguese and Lionel Messisomething that has not happened since December 2020.

The confirmation was given in the most impressive way possible: through a projection on the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building on the planet. To have an idea, the skyscraper is 828 meters high (830 if the antenna located on the roof is taken into account) and since 2010 it is the highest in the world. The second in the ranking is Merdeka 118, from Kuala Lumpur, which measures 679 meters.

This Thursday, the inhabitants and tourists of Dubai They were able to see a huge image of CR7 which informed that on Friday of next week the footballer will be present in the great clash against the psg at the King Fahd Stadium, in Riyadh, and will be directed by Marcelo Gallardo. The former River Plate coach will fulfill the role of coach of this star squad.

ronaldo He landed on Arab soil in December, after parting ways with Manchester United and joining Al-Nassr, one of the most powerful clubs in the Asian country. Like every year, the Saudi league organizes a friendly in which it unites the best players of that team with those of Al Hilal and chooses a renowned rival, in this case PSG. Now with confirmation that CR7 will be part of matchesIt remains to be seen if Messi will also be.

If Leo plays the match against the football star team of Saudi ArabiaThis would be the 37th confrontation between the two and the history favors the Argentine who has achieved 16 victories, compared to 11 for the Portuguese. At the same time, The flea has scored 22 goals in those matches and The bug, 21. The last precedent dates from December 2020, when Juventus thrashed Barcelona 3-0 for the Champions League and the Portuguese gunner converted two goals.

Cristiano has yet to make his team debut, although he has already been introduced to a crowd eagerly awaiting to shout out his first goals in this shirt. “I am very proud to be here. Very proud to have made this great decision in my career. This presents a new challenge. My family has always supported me, especially my children, ”he declared at the event. With respect to $200 million that he will win per season, he commented: “I have broken all the records in Europe and now I want to do it here. It is a unique contract because I am a unique player. All I want is to play and enjoy. It’s not the end of my career.”

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