They create the shells to give away this Mother’s Day

is about to be celebrated Mother’s day and creative gifts are not long in coming. On this occasion a bakery in Guadalajara has released a new variety of bread call “with-flip flop”, a shell that pays tribute to the moms of Mexico. Find out what it is about below.

The shells They are undoubtedly one of the sweet breads referents of Mexican gastronomy and it is that in any bakery of the country it is very common to see, at least, the two shells most popular: the vanilla and of chocolateso it is one of the best known.

But in recent years the shells have been one of the breads that more modifications have had; from innovating in the new flavors of its crust, such as shell from strawberry or of crackeruntil modifying its form and combining it with another sweet bread like the donchasa combination of Mrs Y shell or the already known buttercupsa union of the shells with the shortbreads. But what are the flip flops?

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What are shells? Bread for Mother’s Day

The calls “with-flip-flops” is a proposal from the bakery karycarlocated in GuadalajaraJalisco, which launched this innovative sweet bread on the occasion of the celebration of Mother’s day.

This creation of sweet bread is based on the popular shell from vanilla either chocolate but with an extra ingredient: a cracker in form of slipper. Bliss cracker it can have a sweet pink, green or purple base, as well as flowers and even the word “mama”.

According to bakery karycarthe purpose of the conchancla is to remember the old days because, it is well known that, the slipper was one of the objects to which the moms resorted to “scold” their children. So for this Mother’s day They decided to create this small and edible detail for them.

the price of the conchancla It is 20 pesos a piece and, at the moment, you can only buy it at the bakery karycarlocated at Calle Hospital, number 394, Centro, GuadalajaraJalisco, from Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., although the bakery recommends placing your orders beforehand to the WhatsApp number 3315458140.

New shells for Mother’s Day

On the other hand, the karycar bakery, also has for sale another creation for the Mother’s day call “with-kids”, which consists of a shell large and two small shells, in the shape of the face of a mother and her two children, the drawn face and hair are made with the sugar crust.

It should be noted that this is one of the bakeries that stands out for innovating with its shellsbecause in addition to this creation by the Mother’s daythey have also brought out other inventions such as the conchu-turtle, the conchairis, the heart shell or the empaconcha.

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