They enroll four sheep to reach the minimum number of students and not close the school

They enroll four sheep to reach the minimum number of students and not close the school

unfortunately Rural schools and small town schools have been facing difficulties for a long time And in many cases had to be closed due to lack of students. incarnation of birth rates that have occurred in recent decades and Many families leave villages and live in cities Due to this, at least schools in these small towns are able to maintain their activity. And this is not something special to this country; They also suffer in others, such as In France, where he has devised an imaginative formula to save a school from closure.


They did not reach the minimum of 98 students

Has happened In the north-east of the French country, In the school that brings together students from the cities of Hermelange, Voir and Nitting, In the Lorraine region. According to media TGMcomparents of some children Those who remain in that school have to resort to Strict measures to reach the minimum number of 98 students established by the French Education Ministry To keep a school open. Since there were only 94 students in five classes of the school and this could have meant that parents had to close it down They have decided to register four sheep To fill 98 minimum required posts.

The breeder of these animals is one of the parents of the students enrolled in the school. On the registration form for each sheep Date of birth, parents’ names and residential address are visible. and of course On the sheet there are names and nicknames of animals, And not the least bit curious: John Deere, Valerian Deschamps, Phil Tondes and Marguerite Duprez. These are the names which have been sent from the school to National Education.

“Absurd law”, “Absurd decision”

Like new students they are sheep They were welcomed into the school with welcome signs by their classmates and are placed in a good area nearby but outside the centre.

This assurance is given by the parents of the school students They have no choice but to carry out this bizarre action Given that all the complaints raised by this law requiring a minimum of 98 students are of no use. “Protests against this absurd law have achieved nothing. Therefore, we have decided to respond with an equally absurd decision.” They explain.


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