They find a missing medical student who told PNC that he had been threatened to treat a wounded man.

A medical student who went missing in Huehuetenango was found around 9:30 pm on Friday, January 5.

A young man named Eric Estuardo Figueroa, 27 years old, was reported missing on the same January 5th and the complaint was registered in case MP214-2024-24.

The report mentions that he was last seen on his way to the village of Chelam, San Sebastian, Huehuetenango. The student performed his supervised professional exercise (EPS) at the Western University Center.

The National Civil Police (NCP) reported at its police headquarters that the young man was in his house at night with his mother.

Information provided by authorities details the moment Figueroa was apprehended. According to the document, the young man would say that he was on his way to an appointment at a health center in Aldea Zabal in the municipality of San Sebastian X and asked for a ride.

Subsequently, according to the NCP report, “while he was on board the vehicle, he was pointed with a gun to his head and told that they were going to take him to treat a man who had been shot in the leg, without providing further details.” information about what happened, which indicates that he will not cooperate further.”

The NCP also claims that no signs of violence or bodily harm were found on him. Due to the appearance of Figueroa, authorities will notify the prosecutor’s office, where the disappearance has already been reported.

The report of the disappearance became known thanks to a publication on social networks of the Western University Center.

Health authorities disagree

The health authorities coordinating the EPS of medical students are different from the version that a young person would provide to the NCP authorities.

“Everything indicates that it was a lie on the boy’s part not to go to the planned event in the settlement where he was sent. What he did not take into account is that the entire anti-kidnapping protocol would be used,” the EPA coordination bodies said.

Coordinators of supervised internships for medical students asked for clarification of the situation. “EPS is a valuable staff for DRISSHUEHUE, we have more than 120 students in priority communities and if the situation is not cleared up, no one will want to come to Huehuetenango,” they explained.

In addition, they noted that “employees of the institution are already sending requests not to go to this community, “because it is dangerous”” and that “the population of San Sebastian Huehuetenango is upset because they indicate that their municipality has turned out to be bad. »

“As a country, we look bad because of the news of the kidnapping of a student,” they said.

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