They formally submit a request for impeachment against Xavier Miley. This is a 25 page document.

this monday Request for impeachment against President Xavier Miley “For poor performance of his duties and possible commission of crimes.”

In the 25 page document, which Signed by famous figures of culture, human rights and politics of Argentina (Prominent among them are Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Adolfo Pérez Esquivel; A reference to Taty Almeida, the mothers of the Plaza de Mayo Founding Line; political scientist Attilio Boron; and researcher Dora Barrancos, among others), in which the head of the Chamber of Deputies is requested, martin menemImpeachment proceedings begin against the far-right president.

In the presentation, which was registered as file 0031-P-2024, a clear request is made to the National Congress Investigate both the President and other officials for various possible crimesOf which are listed: Inciting the population to commit one or more specific crimes; Amnesty for incitement to commit crimes and financial crimes with potential impact on the separation of powers; and the possible commission of a crime condones the crime.

Similar mention is made The crime of desertion of the people and failure to perform the duties of a public officer Some of the results of which were the determination and disposal of resources assigned to it. Argentina’s national plan against hunger, Endangering the lives and health of thousands of people attending community kitchens every day; as well as suspension of Directorate of Direct Assistance for Special Situations (DADSE) which included financing subsidies for the acquisition of drugs and/or elements of biomedical technology for cancer patients; embezzlement of public funds; Poor performance due to lack of education, Other points also include issues related to foreign policy and regional sovereignty.

On the other hand, after pointing out that among the central arguments for requesting the initiation of an impeachment trial, the legitimacy of origin given by popular vote is concrete and ceases upon taking office, the writing also states that implementation of Decree 70/2023 “constitutes unforgivably poor performance and emphasizes the need to investigate violations of criminal rules that arise from its mandate and low but effective legality.”

In parallel with the presentation of the impeachment of President Miley through institutional channels, “This project will be made available to all citizens to collect signatures “With the firm belief that the Argentine people will not succumb to these policies of suffering and contempt for the national constitution,” the document said.

The request also contains references to Soberanx and the signatures of Alicia Castro, former ambassador to Venezuela and the United Kingdom; constitutionalist Eduardo Barcesat; former judge Carlos Rozanski; economist Claudio Lozano; sociologist and journalist George Elbaum; Lady of La Matanza, Secretary of Gender Policies and Diversity, Liliana Hendel; President of the Observatory of the Right to the City, Jonathan Baldivieso, and engineer and referent of the movement, The City We are those who live in it, Maria Eva Koutsovaitis, among others.

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