“They have a low level of knowledge”

Virgen Macarena Hospital joins the spread of prevention among the youngest Human papillomavirus (HPV), which is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the world.

The initiative is formulated within the framework International HPV Awareness Daywhich is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the world.

For this reason, the gynecological service of the Macarena Hospital joined the hashtag. #ElVPHisEveryone’sThing with the goal of bringing this reality to the youngest, using, as they say, “the channels and language of youth.”

(In Seville, about 30,000 people are treated for osteoporosis: most have fractures)

“We want to let the youngest ones know that they usually have low level of knowledge about infection and its consequences,” they note.

Vaccination, condom use and healthy lifestyle

In its turn, Alfredo PoloHospital gynecologist Virgen Macarena explains that “HPV is a pathogen and is present in almost all cervical cancer and his predecessors.

Preventive measures that “reduce the possibility of infection and promote early detection” include “vaccination or screening, as well as recommended methods such as using condomssmoking cessation and a healthy lifestyle.”

In 2023, the gynecological service of the Macarena Hospital took part more than 4100 consultations of the lower genital tract. Most of these were associated with HPV-related cervical disease.

This consultation is aimed at prevention. As the center explained, “ patients screening for cervical cancerfor the diagnosis and treatment of precancerous lesions.”

It is also dedicated to monitoring mild injuries and so-called cervical conizations are performed. In this procedure, the injured area of ​​the cervix is ​​removed.

Cytology for early detection

The Department of Gynecological Oncology and Pathology of the Lower Genital Tract also identifies a number of priority preventive measures. Thus, they remember that vaccination against cervical cancer is included in the Andalusian vaccination calendar from the age of 12. cytologyto identify precancerous lesions is another recommended action.

As part of its action program against this infection, the Virgen Macarena Hospital is part of Andalusian Group for the Study and Prevention of HPV Infection.

They’re working on it gynecologists from all over Andalusia with the goal of “promoting prevention, research into health care improvements, and the development of education as a tool for increasing awareness of infection control.”

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