They manage to reprogram defective cells in lupus patients

The therapeutic effect against lupus in this case was achieved by identifying specific protective molecules in healthy people and reprogramming ineffective T-regs in patients with this pathology.

The immune system can attack proteins living inside the human body, but this usually doesn’t happen in healthy people thanks to special cells called “regulatory T cells” or “Tregs” that protect against autoimmune diseases. However, this mechanism does not work in people who develop lupus… + read more

Cardiovascular prevention with dietary fiber in lupus erythematosus

A preclinical study reports improved circulation and immunology with supplementation, the effect of which depends on the gut microbiota. + read more

SEMI and FELUPUS join forces to promote scientific progress in the field of lupus

The agreement was signed by SEMI President Dr. Juana Carretero and FELUPUS President Silvia Pérez Ortega. + read more

Molecule predicts which lupus patients may experience kidney damage

World Lupus Day is observed annually on May 10 to raise awareness of the disease and the need for continued research. + read more

They shed light on the high prevalence of lupus in women.

Several disrupted genetic and biological pathways contribute to the development of lupus and its varied symptoms, such as muscle and joint pain, skin rashes, kidney problems and other complications that spread throughout the body. + read more

Gut microbiota plays a key role in the exacerbation of lupus due to environmental humidity.

Research in animal models suggests that only females have this susceptibility, which can also be acquired through fecal bacterial transplantation. + read more

Preconception counseling needed for women of childbearing age with lupus

Pregnancy is possible in most cases, but it is important to achieve it after adequate assessment and programming. + read more

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