They reveal two questions billionaire Jeff Bezos asks before hiring a potential employee

Birthday boy Bezos, 60, takes a far-left stance when questioning people (Image: Getty Images).

A former associate of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos said the billionaire, who turns 60 on Friday, January 12, takes a unique approach to selecting the right candidate.

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Anne Hiatt, who was in Bezos’s line of fire at the turn of the millennium, shared the business mogul’s strategy during an interview. Hyatt, speaking on the TV show, said that to help find the right team around him, Bezos asks two unique questions.

This discovery showed that although he is one of the most successful people in the world, his approach to building his empire is much simpler than you think. And in Ms. Hiatt’s case, her quick thinking when asked those crooked questions worked because a serious employer hired her right away.

Speaking on CNBC’s Make It, Ms. Hiatt spoke candidly about the Amazon founder’s approach to finding the right person for the job.

His brief meeting with the big boss in 2002 came after a series of short interviews for a junior assistant position.

She said he began his questions with some confusion, asking her to “estimate the amount of window glass in the city of Seattle.”

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