They transfer ‘Pedro Pluma’, suspected of threatening the murdered director of La Modelo prison in Bogota

A week earlier, Colonel Fernandez had received threatening pamphlets, the author of which was allegedly Caro, who is serving a sentence of five years and six months for several crimes.

pedro nel caro, Accused of threatening the director of La Modelo prison in Bogota elmer fernandezKilled by assailants in the Colombian capital on Thursday, he has been transferred to prison picota, The National Penitentiary and Prison Institute (Inpec) gave this report on Friday.

Additionally, INPEC transferred another 14 dangerous prisoners from La Modelo prison to various prisons in the country.

were there before the transfers riots in many yards From La Modelo which were controlled by the guards. The disorders are believed to have arisen because prisoners feared the transfer of several criminals who have control over sectors of the prison, one of which is the main area of ​​Bogotá, including Caro, alias ‘Pedro Pluma’.

A week ago, Colonel Fernandez received threatening leaflets The author of which is believed to be Caro, who is serving a sentence of five years and six months for several crimes.

In a pamphlet, bearing the pseudonym ‘Pedro Pluma’, he warned Fernandez that If he orders another search he will kill his family At the Atonement Center.

Fernandez, who was just 42 days ago in officeLast April 4, he was killed by assailants who opened fire as he traveled in a vehicle on an avenue north of the Colombian capital.

Despite his condition, Fernandez I had no safety plan And the vehicle in which he was traveling had no armour.

forced change

Following the assassination of the director of La Modelo and the subsequent resignation of the deputy director, Oscar Tovar Moreno, biggest nancy perez He took over as the Director in-charge of the jail centre.

The officer is a major in the Detention and Surveillance Corps and has served as director of several prisons in Bogotá and Ibagué and Acacias in the Meta department.

Last February, the Colombian government declared a state of prison emergency to combat harassment of prison guards by criminal gangs and extortion from the country’s detention centers, all of which are overcrowded.

INPEC manages 125 prison establishments across the country with a capacity of 81,740 prisoners, but currently 101,976 people are deprived of their liberty.


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