They turned a Ford sports car into a very stylish pickup truck

Inspired by muscle cars, the American decided to combine a Ford car and a pickup truck and turn them into this interesting model.

Ford F-100 pickup transforms into a Mustang

pick up the current ones contain more and more elements from other segments. They aim to please and seduce in a more comprehensive way than a sedan or SUV, while also inheriting more and more design elements and features from other segments to offer an end product that doesn’t disappoint and that everyone can relate to.

Just as modern trucks offer the same comfort and safety equipment as any premium car, they do so on a mechanical level with units that have 250 hp flat and with versions (some limited, others standard) that put small sports cars in a bad position.

That’s why combining the best of both worlds can result in a unique model that many would love to have in their garage. That’s why brands embrace the DIY transformations that fans create, combining, as in this case, a pickup truck chassis with the nose and engine of a high-end sports car.

And yes: this metamorphosis of an iconic American sports car into an imposing pickup truck has just stunned the world of four wheels. Named as Mustang Truck GT100This engineering gem captures the essence of a legendary muscle car. Mustang with the reliability of a pickup truck F-100two icons of automotive history and a symbolic Ford Motor Company.

Ford F-100 pickup transforms into a MustangFord F-100 pickup transforms into a Mustang

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Mustang Truck GT100 is a very sporty pickup truck

The author or persons responsible for the extraordinary transformation, Cal Richard, who chose the 2007 Ford Mustang GT as his starting point. He decided to keep the chassis, distinctive cabin and powerful engine. 4.6 naturally aspirated V8 with 305 hp. At the same time, he began a transformation that would be unforgettable.

The magic of the Mustang Truck GT100 lies in the skillful integration of elements 1955 Ford F-100. Richard carefully installed these components onto the sports car platform, achieving a unique fusion that combines the best of both worlds.

The specific result can be seen in the images; A masterpiece of automotive engineering that blends the sporty essence of the Mustang with the versatility and commanding presence of the F-100.

Ford F-100 pickup transforms into a MustangFord F-100 pickup transforms into a Mustang

Stylistically, the car features a neo-retro design, carefully adapted to retain the essence of both models. Inside, for example, it’s a mix because it replicates much of the Mustang’s interior but retains the truck’s elements with 2007 and 1955 parts presented in a warm integration.

It should be noted that the Mustang Truck GT100 pays tribute to its heritage with details such as The headlights and the distinctive radiator grille are elements inherited from the sports car. As if that weren’t enough, there are additional details such as the hood opening, voluminous front apron and striking rear spoiler that contribute to its visual appeal.

Ford F-100 pickup transforms into a MustangFord F-100 pickup transforms into a Mustang

In that video You can see the Truck GT100 in action, showing off its impressive looks and powerful engine roar. This is a car that goes beyond the traditional sports field. The Mustang Truck GT100 is a unique blend of two eras, embodying the timeless essence of Ford in every detail.

Ford F-100 pickup transforms into a MustangFord F-100 pickup transforms into a Mustang

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