They use the battery to complete the job at full speed.

Why use a controller when you can choose drumsticks and cymbals?

The video game marathon Awesome Games Done Quick continues to give us some high-speed runs that are worthy of standing up and clapping non-stop. Yesterday we saw one of the most unexpected events with a dog who was able to complete the classics. Gyromite NES, but in the last hours speedrunner CRZ left us speechless over the incredible feat he accomplished with Super Mario 64.

In addition to being an accomplished speedrunner in this legendary Nintendo 64 game, he is also an accomplished drummer. This led to him wanting to combine his passions and talent to show that it was possible. play Super Mario 64 using battery as a management team, and even in record time, like the one he completed in this marathon. You have the result right below.

For this occasion he chose 16 star categoryThis means that you have to take advantage of the flaws that exist in the game to reach certain levels much earlier than you should, especially in the stages where you have to face Bowser. And if it’s already hard enough to perform these actions using a control stick, imagine yourself with a drum kit and, on top of that, maintaining a brutal sense of rhythm.

The progression speed is crazy and it’s worth spending some time to see CZR’s abilities in what will undoubtedly become one of the most impressive speedruns all issues of AGDQ. What’s more, that’s not all, because the marathon is still airing until Sunday, so they still have time to continue surprising us with new speedruns that are worth highlighting.

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