Third attack on Houthi positions in Yemen in 48 hours – DW – 01/13/2024

This Saturday (01/13/2024) a new bombing took place on a military base of the Houthi rebels in Yemen, specifically in the port city of Al Hodeida, after the United States bombed rebel positions for the second consecutive day in response to their Red Attack in the ocean, witnesses said.

The reported US bombing came after rebels fired missiles at the southern Red Sea, where rebels have launched dozens of attacks on merchant ships since mid-November, causing severe disruption to maritime traffic. “The site from which the Houthi rocket was launched was struck on the outskirts of Al Hodeida,” a military source close to the rebels said.

So far, neither the Houthis nor the US have commented on the matter and the scope of this attack against Al Hodeida, one of the rebels’ main drone and missile launching bases, is unknown. Precisely this port city, with a base near the airport in the capital Sanaa, was the target of the last US bombing, which took place this morning.

“Americans will face consequences.”

According to United States Central Command (CENTCOM), at 3:45 a.m. local time (00:45 GMT) on January 13, military action was taken from the US Navy destroyer USS Carney (DDG 64) and Tomahawk land attack missiles. used. , ) According to Washington, it was “a follow-up action against a specific military target” linked to Friday’s American and British bombings, designed to reduce the Houthis’ ability to attack shipping.

“There were no material or human casualties after the attack,” Nasreddin Amer, the Houthis’ deputy director of communications, told Al Jazeera, referring to the operation early this Saturday. “All Americans must face the consequences of this attack. Answers will not be long in coming,” he said.

The first large-scale military operation by the US and the United Kingdom targeted 28 rebel settlements, according to CENTCOM, and caused five casualties among Houthi ranks, according to the rebels. Following these attacks, the Houthis held a large demonstration against both countries on Friday and declared “open war” against them.

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