“This doesn’t happen in Holland, it’s crazy.”

queues of buyers repeated this Thursday morning at the opening of the first store of the Dutch budget chain Action in Zaragoza. It was easy to find not only by the arch of balloons in the signature blue and white colors, but also by the movement of people towards the store. There were people waiting before they opened the doors of the 800 square meter establishment, and this is one of the first locations in Puerto Venice since the opening. at 9.00. They approached the banner premiere a lot of curious people see what he offers after advertising what he has wide range of products for less than 2 euros.

“We arrived at 9:30 and it was already full.”” said Marta Soriano, Nuria Elias and Belen Bermejo, who each left with shopping bags. “There are things that are worth it, like food and household items that sell for very good prices. Most of all I took with me crafts for kids There is a noticeable difference in price, but I saw people taking a variety of things,” Martha said. Many aisles were crowded with people waiting in line.despite the speed of the five cashiers and support staff who helped pack the groceries.

That first morning it was difficult to look for anything specific on the store shelves because they were full of people walking around them with curiosity or on a first reconnaissance visit during which they were always picking at something.

Some of the most purchased products

decorative items and home textiles, cleaning products, stationery and craft supplies They were among the favorites of early buyers. The chain does have food items, but mostly chocolates and baked goods, which were also seen in many of the baskets. Pet food is also available.

People who came to the inauguration came out with bags (the raffia ones were distributed this Thursday), except for those who They preferred to return another day to avoid queuing at the checkout. The claim was an advertisement emphasizing the offer more than 1,500 products priced under one euroalthough other, more expensive ones could be seen in baskets, such as rugs, nightstands or large plastic storage boxes, some of the best sellers.

microwave popcorn for 0.99 euros, a pack of eight cupcakes priced at €1.19 or a small Toblerone bar were among the most purchased products under €2. Among the personal hygiene products, by mid-morning the inhalation balm costing 1.99 euros was almost gone.

Rosa Lizana and Inma Mora at the opening of the first Action store in Zaragoza.

Rosa Lizana and Inma Mora at the opening of the first Action store in Zaragoza.

“I bought a toaster”, Inma Mora showed at the exit. “It’s cheaper than the Chinese bazaar,” added Rosa Lizana, although there were few goods sold there for less than one euro. Both friends came out of curiosity, but even drove up to the entrance by car. There were times in the early morning when there were no empty seats, although most users preferred to take a cart. “The only bad thing is that they said there was application to get something cheaper, but they told us when we were already checking out,” they lamented.

Marimar Cubero with her parents Lola Moyano and Antonio Cubero at the opening of the Action exhibition in Zaragoza.

Marimar Cubero with her parents Lola Moyano and Antonio Cubero at the opening of the Action exhibition in Zaragoza.

Marimar Cubero left with her parents and the only complaint was that there was no way out without buying because it needs to be done in boxes, and with so many people it was difficult. “There were people who didn’t know where to go,” Antonio Cubero said. “We will come another day. In a week it will probably be calmer.”, he assured, with the intention of getting a better look at the brand’s product offering. Marimar bought her daughter a set for painting with glitter balls, and they picked out some things for the kitchen.

Clients from other countries

Those who had a clear idea of ​​what they were going to find in the store were people who had already visited them in other Spanish cities (they have 27 centers) or in countries such as neighboring France. Network adds 2300 stores in Europe and expansion in Spain has just begun. Emma Verminck and Yrsa Steunenberg, two Dutch Erasmus exchange students, felt at home when they found the Action store in Zaragoza, a city they had arrived in just two days earlier. “We bought what we needed, things that are familiar to us”– they explained on the way out, showing everything from stationery to a cheese slicer.

However, they were surprised by the reaction of the people of Zaragoza. “This doesn’t happen in Holland, it’s crazy,” they said of the influx of people on the first day. “In our country, in almost every small town there is an Aktiya store.“There are a lot of them,” they explained. “This is a very popular store,” they said. In any case, they admitted that it was their first time at the opening. Besides the low prices, they liked the chain. What everything was “very organized”. It was more difficult to order on the first morning on some shelves, but there was staff in the store to keep an eye on everything.

They also attended the premiere many people living in Zaragoza but originating from countries such as Morocco who knew this network from its establishments not only in Holland, but also in France. “I’ve been to Bordeaux and Montpelier, and there are Action stores there,” said Leila, a Moroccan woman who went with her friend Zineb.

Waiting next to them was another woman from Zaragoza, originally from Morocco, who knew the brand and came there because of the low prices, although she thought they would lower them further because it was the inauguration. “We need to look for what is cheaper” because there are four of us at home,” he admitted, and was also grateful that they had a job and a salary to support themselves.

Opening an action chain adds extension of low prices in Zaragozaafter the consolidation of brands such as the discount supermarkets Primaprix with a large number of grocery offerings or the Polish brand Pepco, also focused on offering variety and increasing the weight of textile products.

With the emergence of international brands in recent years, some shoppers lament that the number of local businesses is dwindling. “There are few local networks left in Zaragoza“You just have to look at Paseo Independencia, you walk and there is only a tobacco shop and the rest are chains,” said Elena Martin, who came with her friend Carmen Millan.

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