This espionage episode with Eva Green and Vincent Cassel did well on TF1.

Après avoir will be broadcast discretely on Apple TV+ in February 2023, the series “Connection” with Eva Green and Vincent Cassel is coming out well on TF1. A second chance for this six-episode series?

TF1 acquires the rights to broadcast the series “Communication”.

It will then stream separately on Apple TV+ in the latest Franco-British series. connection Creée par Virginie Brac arrived on TF1. The deadline will be announced in the sense that the show will be sold for a double non-exclusive release on the French channel Newen Connect.

Divided into six episodes. connection suitable for the story of two agents, Gabriel Delage (played by Vincent Cassel) and Alison Rowdy (played by Eva Green), who are not confronted between international cyber attacks threatening Queen’s University, but doivent également faire face aux secrets enfouis de leur, outdated relationships. Intrigues occur in the context of espionage and political intrigue, or in an episode of new conspiracies and crimes.

Gabriel and Alison, old lovers, are forced to collaborate in new ways to enjoy a series of complex cybernetic games. These attacks have deep ramifications, but not for national security, but for their own good complex and emotional charge. As they navigate imminent threats, they must confront past mistakes that could lead to danger.

Bande announcement:

Great chance on TF1

connection Now that the success has been achieved on Apple TV+, even more people come to TF1 to see the redonneur with the entire cast and the intrigue of mysterieuse, parfaite pour les spectateurs de la chaîne. who plays the series “Intrigue”. The broadcast date has been announced today, but the series is currently available to stream on TF1+.

In this regard, Newen Connect CEO Rodolphe Buhe stated that connection avait “Found the perfect home in France on TF1”, which is also available from the series as Special Forces CBS et al. Will Trent d’ABC in the past.

Sophie Leveaux, Artistic Directorate for International Drama Acquisitions and Development at TF1, says: “With a premiere casting order and high production standards, connection “It will be a great addition to TF1 programming and streaming on TF1+.”

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