This face in Unreal Engine 5 is indistinguishable from reality! Photorealism is here

Since Unreal Engine 5 was announced, we have not yet been able to see its true potential applied to video games. The beautiful tech demo shown during the announcement was able to leave us speechless, but to date the implementation of the new graphics engine by Epic Games is not yet common, quite the opposite. Every now and then, however, the engine shows its muscles and leaves us more and more stunned by the great potential put on display.

Unreal Engine 5

A new software called ZRT Face Trainer, which allows developers and animators to create and digitize dynamic facial expressions in real time. Online was published un video of a demonstration version of the program that uses the Unreal Engine 5 engine and the realization of the whole has left many users literally speechless.

The face we see in the short video is indistinguishable from reality, with a detail not only in the textures but also in the facial animations that leaves you amazed. The software draws on a database of over 15 TB of data scanned in 4D and a series of models that can run on the program in real time. The software went into early access today and you can put yourself on a waiting list on the website to use this exciting new technology.

Real-time controlled CGI puppets in Unreal Engine 5 from gaming

As you can see from the video posted above, the facial animations are in all respects realistic at best. It therefore appears that a giant step towards photorealism.

One of the recent titles that has an almost maniacal care in its animations is The Last of Us Part 2. You can buy it on Amazon at this address.

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