This French film, presented by the international star, is one of his farewells on Prime Video.

He is a mark of film history and is indeed involved in the films that await me in life, but that does not mean that he is casting in this story on a retro star who holds on to his leading role.

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In a sense, this film is a real cult and that’s for the pluses. Signe Luc Besson, a lion I marked 1994. If you don’t have time for an encore, release on Prime Video on February 11th. The film fits the character of the film’s title: a mentor named Leon who decides to start his son as the voice of Mathilde Lando, a little girl of 12, orphaned after a family massacre. The young teenager discovered that the son voisin est en fait un unpitoyable tueur à gages. Elle lui demands alors de la ex. Leon va dons fair de Matilda ine “nettoyeuse”, comme lui, ce qui permettra à la a young teenager dreaming of a possible avenger, the son of a little brother. In return, he will learn to read and write. If Jean Reno plays the heroes of Leon, then the role of Matilda is entrusted to Natalie Portman. This is a film that has an actress’s career in it.

a lion : “A film that presents crazy aspects” by Natalie Portman

It is very important that I do not expect any special positive souvenir from the son of a prime minister. “It’s confidence when it comes to maintenance, the film that presents the crazy aspects”read also Natalie Portman performed by Hollywood Reporter in May 2023. “Être sexyisée des l’enfance m’a eloignée de ma propre sexyité”, Access Dax Shepard’s microphone on the podcast Armchair Expert Selle, who is on the poster May December on Julianne Moore’s cats.

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a lion : film, successful

During its career, the film received three good reviews from the public, including from États-Unis qu” in France, which attracted 3.5 million viewers in cinemas. On IMDb, a criticism site outside the Atlantic, it has a rating of 8.6⁄10 with 188,000 reviews. ce qui le classe parmi les 50 best films that cause controversial categories. Another preface to the good presence of the film is the repetition of this name in September during the 20th César ceremony, a meme that fell apart in the finale and an award awaits it. Fort de se success, Luc Besson profited from working on a sci-fi film project that stayed there Five elements.

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