This is a disease that plums help fight in women.

This is a disease that plums help fight in women.

First resource when we feel bad is to go to the family doctor: without excuses, as soon as we notice that something is wrong, we should make an appointment and go to the doctor so that he can carry out the appropriate tests or refer us to the appropriate specialist.


In addition to that, It is also important to conduct annual reviews.s to check that our cholesterol, iron and other readings are correct. To these tests we must also add that from the age of 40, men should undergo a prostate examination, visit a gynecologist every two years, and undergo frequent mammograms and colonoscopies.

In addition to medical control, It is very important that we have a healthy diet based on fresh seasonal products and in compliance with the food pyramid. If we have a certain pathology, we must also take it into account when drawing up the weekly menu.

If we can afford it, It is best to go to a nutritionist. to help us choose the best recipes and meals we can prepare based on our lives: diabetics, vegetarians, chronic illnesses, elite athletes or any other situation.

Great benefits for women’s health from eating plums

A study published by The Journal of Nutrition examines eating prunes as a health-reducing agent. “secretion of pro-inflammatory cytokines and alters monocyte activation in postmenopausal women” showed that consumption of this fruit in its dehydrated version “prevents loss of bone mineral density”, although the mechanism causing this effect has not yet been understood.

From 50 years oldWomen need to be extremely vigilant about bone loss: it affects half of women over this age.

Studying Professor Mary Jane De Souza of Pennsylvania State University shows that eating five to 12 raisins per day (equivalent to 50–100 grams) increases protection against osteoporosis.

In any case, the study also notes that to prevent osteoporosis, Diet is not enough; weight and balance benefits must also be included in the patient’s weekly routine.

When it comes to diet, raisins are not the only food that helps fight osteoporosis: salmon, sardines, low-fat dairy products or dark leafy vegetables also do. benefits of eating raisins ☺️ #salud#pasas#medicinanaturales#remediosnaturales#saludable#parati♬ original sound – Vivir Es Saludable

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