This is a fort that can be reached only through an underwater route

It is a fort that is completely inaccessible except by underwater means.

Saudi Arabia is building an upside-down skyscraper: It's a fortress that can only be reached underwater
Again, this is an ambitious project that is only a concept at the moment

It seems that we are talking about a science fiction film, but the truth is that we are not, rather we are facing a new project of NEOM, which the company has created. crown prince of saudi arabia To build pharaonic buildings in the deserts of Saudi Arabia. Thus, today it is time to talk about a building that is built as if it were a building upside down skyscraper, and it’s going to happen draw in the middle of a mountain In a really surprising way.

Of course, like everything else announced by NEOM, at this time it is just a concept, so we cannot be sure that it will be implemented. This company always shows off avant-garde and future-oriented concepts, but it’s hard to know if they’ll ultimately accomplish something or if they just show off. interest in doing something for a longer period of time,

a science fiction creation

NEOM announces Aqualum, a luxury city built inside concept 450 meter high mountain, Thus, it seeks to be a future-oriented and harmonious city that strives to integrate nature within the city. To reach the city, it is necessary to cross the depths of the ocean by boat, entering through an underwater cave that will gradually reveal the city as envisioned by its creators.

Once inside, visitors to the city will be able to enjoy a 100-meter-high city building that will house absolutely everything. From hotels, apartments, luxury and shopping centers and entertainment areas so that people can enjoy their holidays in peace and quiet.

The center of all this will be located in a main square Which will connect the remaining locations and will serve as a point at which they will be implemented. art exhibitions And all kinds of details that will attract the attention of tourists. Moreover, everything will be connected to one system fast and internal transport Which will serve as a kind of elevator that will take us to different floors of the city building.

the idea seems to be Really good, but it’s true that it also aims to be somewhat claustrophobic. After all, we’re talking about a building built entirely inside a mountain.

Other urban works in Saudi Arabia

This is not the only bet that NEOM has chosen. Prince bin Salman’s construction company is betting on dozens of other equally ambitious and impossible projects. The most famous is The Line, a city that wants to be literally a straight line in the middle of the desert And it aims to emphasize all aspects of the cities of the future. Its work has already started, although there is still a lot of time left to turn it into reality in theory.

Things do not stop there, because there is also Utamo, a fortress dedicated to culture and an impregnable fortress, designed in such a way that the billionaire can enjoy his holidays in peace.

In general, these are always such tasks very ambitious on paper And whose implementation actually seems impossible. Only time will tell whether they complete the formation or not.

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