This is a giant hypersonic engine with a speed of 20,000 km/h.

The battle between the US and China for technological control continues

China beats the US again: it's a giant hypersonic engine with a speed of 20,000 km/h
This hypersonic engine will change everything in the fight between the US and China

China is a true expert when it comes to standing up to the United States. Fight over who will become first power still leaves no doubt about the efforts that the Asian giant is making to implement innovations in all existing technological aspects. Plus, there’s always a certain race ahead to see who wins when it comes to creating the most amazing technology. China has already hit the US where it has suffered the most with AI, but in this area the American country remains unbeatable. Then came the turn of the most powerful hypersonic gun in the world, which the United States itself had to abandon.

At this point there is no doubt that USA and China are at war and the new victory of the Asian giant was create a hypersonic engine capable of reaching completely prohibitive speeds.

Chinese hypersonic engine

The South China Morning Post reported very interesting news that could be completely revolutionary. Research team from hypersonic weapons it would be possible to develop engine capable of reaching speeds of 20,000 km/h. This figure means that he is capable of breaking the sound barrier and surpassing it in terms of 16 times.

It currently has very few competitors in development aircraft engines. Although it’s true that some rocket engines Yes, they are faster than this project from China. However, the purpose of this new engine will be to transport people, although initially everything indicates that they will military fighter pilots.

So this is a very interesting bet and comes courtesy of two phase motor as you can see below:

  • This new aircraft engine is capable of reaching speeds 16 times the speed of sound.
  • The flight, which now takes 12 hours, in this case will be reduced to one or two hours.
  • It will also be more efficient and consume less fuel than current engines.
  • This engine is second only to a hypersonic missile, which reaches speeds 27 times the speed of sound.
  • The engine has two modes: a slower one, with continuous rotational detonation reaching Mach 7 (8500 kilometers per hour), and when these speeds are exceeded – oblique detonation which allows you to achieve higher speeds.

There is a long way to go at this point as the testing was carried out under very sedate conditions. However, the idea that Mach 16 was achieved is quite impressive because These are the speeds that will make the ride much easier. over long distances, thereby overcoming existing barriers in the geography of our planet.

A journey to our antipodes, a 14-hour journey in just two, could change the way things happen today in very interesting ways.

Moreover, China wants to send a strong signal to the United States: technologically they are on the same level and have nothing to envy about the innovation and development of the American country.

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