This is a video of Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid dancing in the VIP area at a Taylor Swift concert.

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IN VIDEO – 45,000 fans gathered on May 12 for Taylor Swift’s latest Paris concert, the Eras Tour, accompanied by Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid. A couple who repeated the dance on a VIP pendant in a box at a concert.

While Taylor Swift produced, today, May 12, for four triumphs in the arena of defense in the frame of her son’s “Eras Tour”, the pop star is your choice. Indeed, for this day of the Parisian date they are companions, the American football actor in Travis Kelsey, available for replacement with the singer’s two other characters: Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper.

Repeated phenomena (toujours)

Top model and actor ont ainsi été aperçus dans l’une des loges of the VIP concert hall, dancing cat-a-cat under surtitle Ready for it, he sang for the 45,000 people in attendance. Together, Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper are multiplying their public appearances. In February ils avaient ainsi été Photographys lors d’une ballade on the streets of New York, chacun arborant unlook des plus décontractés – she wears gray mom jeans, a simple white T-shirt and the perfect dress; Louis, droit jeans, navy blue jacket and hoodie.

This is in January, three more before the premiere, they are worried about rumors that Bella Hadid’s great sister and realist A star is born Official idyll, exit to Angleterre. Two days after being immortalized at New York Airport, they are available and open on London’s high streets. The mannequin is available in a photograph taken by Bradley Cooper, today and son, in honor of the patient ensemble on Coin Street. The premiere took place so that the couple could exchange gestures of affection in public.

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