This is an air conditioner replacement that can save you 70% this summer.

Replacing the air conditioner to save money

Replacing your air conditioner to save money / Licensed by Adobe Stock.

With the arrival of summer temperature rises throughout Spain. So most people use air conditioner For beat the heatit’s great though electricity consumption. For this reason, Idealista offers an alternative to air conditioning with which you can save up to 70% on your energy consumption.

As a rule, citizens use heat-fighting air conditioner. Other methods are also used, such as a fan. Likewise, many homes have a swimming pool, although not all have this luxury.

Replace your air conditioner and save money

Temperatures in Spain rise significantly in summer. In many parts of the country even above 40°C. So it is necessary to have some help you survive the heat.

Evaporative air conditioner
Evaporative air conditioner./ Photo Idealista.

In this sense, an interesting alternative is air conditioner. This is an evaporative air conditioner with which you can save up to 70% on energy consumption.

Idealista experts explain that “ evaporative air conditioner This portable device which works by cooling air using a heat exchange refrigerant: cold water or ice. This makes the exhaust air fresher and more humid.”

There are currently various evaporative air conditioner models. However, the price of these devices may vary depending on their size, features, and capabilities. Many people don’t know that it helps save money. electricity consumption compared to consumption generated using air conditioning.

Price evaporative air conditioner Maybe range from 50 to 300 euros. Although the average price of this air conditioner replacement This is about 100 euros.

Benefits of an evaporative air conditioner

On the other hand, in The Idealist they point out that “unlike Air conditioners, evaporative air conditioners “They don’t require drains or pipes because they capture hot air from the environment and pass it through a reservoir containing cold water or ice.”

Below we present some of great benefits belonging using an evaporative air conditionercompared with air conditioner:

  • They are very easy to install as they do not require any work. Just plug them into an outlet.
  • Evaporative air conditioners also use less electricity than electric air conditioners. In this sense, it allows saving up to 70% of electricity consumption.
  • Their functions include maintaining sufficient relative humidity and eliminating static electricity.
  • They are cheaper than other air conditioning systems such as air conditioners. Some models can even be cheaper than ceiling fans.
  • These are universal devices, so they work both indoors and outdoors. In this sense, they adapt to any space in the home.
  • They have mobility. That is, they can be moved with complete comfort from one room of the house to another, since they work connected to the electrical network.

Besides, evaporative air conditioners They also offer certain health benefits. In this regard, from “The Idealist” they conclude that “these Air conditioners renew and purify indoor air, providing fresh and filtered air in a more environmentally friendly way than conventional air conditioners because they do not use refrigerant gas. In addition, they allow you to keep windows open during use, avoiding the accumulation of stale air, which is useful for people with allergies.

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