This is Dark Atlas: Infernum, the next Spanish indie horror game.

Dark Atlas: Infernum is being developed by Spain’s Night Council Studio and will be coming soon to PlayStation in physical and digital formats.

Dark Atlas: Infernum, the upcoming indie horror game from Night Council, releases its first trailer and opens wishlists today. The title, Survival Horror with a great storyline, offers an occult story full of mysteries and mysteries to be solved that will force the player to explore every corner.

In this game the player will put himself in the place of the Great Master of the Night Council, one of the most prestigious occult groups in Europe, awakens in a mysterious mansion in Madrid’s Sierra de Guadarrama. Over there, the main character must restore his memories to end the evil that threatens to control humanity.

With a unique voice Alberto “Laudano” Martinez, host of the famous horror podcast Noviembre Nocturno, the video game offers an immersive experience inspired by classic games such as Bioshock, Outlast or Alien: Isolation. The story is based on Black Atlas: A Compilation of the Devastated Hell, a book and audio series published in Spain in 2018, whose story proposes a hypothetical apocalypse based on the clash between the ghostly world and the mortal world, a story where the line between reality and madness is blurred. giving way to the absolute vital helplessness of the last stages of humanity.

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Dark Atlas: Infernum is scheduled to release both physically and digitally in 2025, and can now be added to wishlists on both the PlayStation Store and Steam.

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