This is how he will live his proclamation as king in the most important era of the royal house

Denmark is about to experience a historic day. This coming Sunday, January 14th queen margaret (83 years) Will leave the throne after 52 yearsHanded over the command to his first son. Frederick (55) there will be a new king Of Dane.

He will not have the same coronation as his Charles III of England (75) On 6 May 2023. Frederick of Denmark’s accession to the throne will be similar to that of Philip VI (55) Following the abdication of Juan Carlos I (86) in 2014.

At 2:00 pm, Margaret II, Frederick – still prince – and her son Christian (18) – who will officially become heir apparent – they will meet the government and Cabinet Secretary in the Council of State.

(The countdown begins for Frederick of Denmark to become King: The challenges he faces and a decision)

Official portrait of the reigning kings Frederick and Mary of Denmark.


The transition to the throne will take place when the Queen signs her abdication declaration. An hour later, the new king will step onto the balcony of Christiansborg Castle Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen will announce her promotion., “Long live King Frederick Immediately afterwards, the sovereign will speak and pronounce the motto that will govern his reign.

would be a quick function, away from all kinds of opulence. This is not strange as coronation ceremonies are not generally common in parliamentary monarchies – except in the United Kingdom due to its association with religion.

Federico’s controversy

But in any case, the moment the Danish Crown is going through is not worthy of any grand act. There is a tense calm in Denmark after intense weeks in which Federico was the hero of the press for his unexpected date genoveva casanova (47) In Madrid.

This caused deep uneasiness among the Danes, who did not view this secret meeting favourably. There were many who called Margarita II’s eldest son “irresponsible”, believing that the imminent sovereign had committed a “very serious” crime that jeopardized her integrity.

Now that he will become the king, it seems that the controversies have been left behind. However, it is still a Federico’s reputation in trouble As soon as he sat on the throne. Known as the ‘Turbo Prince’ in his youth, Margarita II’s eldest son must once again earn the respect of the citizens.

Frederick and Mary of Denmark with Queen Margaret II.


restore confidence to be king of grainsAccording to some theories, this may have been one of the strategies that Queen Margaret focused on and which caused her to abdicate earlier than expected. Despite his age and the difficult back surgery he is due to undergo in early 2023, almost no one expected His Majesty to resign.

Whether this is true or not remains a mystery. A fact that the name of genoveva casanova has been becoming less pronounced since 31 December, when Margaret II announced her abdication in her traditional New Year speech. News about Frederick of Denmark focuses on his rise to power For the throne.

However, the media focuses on the absence mary (51), woman of prince joachim (54), in Frederick’s proclamation. The Danish Royal House has confirmed that only Queen Margaret’s youngest son will travel to Copenhagen, This decision is justified by the fact that it will be a discreet act that will not require the presence of the entire family. But the distance between the brothers and the rivalry between their wives is not hidden from anyone. Another crisis that affects the reign of the next sovereign.

Although the future king has publicly declared that he has no differences with his brother, it is well known There has been a deep rift between them for many years., Their hostility will be marked by their institutional roles, as Joaquín does not accept the role of second-in-command that has been assigned to him by the dynastic order. The ‘war’ may have gained further strength as Margaret stripped Joachim’s four children of the titles of prince and princess, a controversial decision which received Frederick’s support.

(Two scandals that have marked the reign of Margaret II: the titles of her grandchildren and Frederick’s photographs)

Queen Margaret with her two children, in an archival image.


From 2020, Joaquin lives outside denmark, He first came to the country working as secretary of the Danish Defense Ministry, and since last September he has been serving in the same post at the Danish Embassy in Washington.

Being in exile he had to play a minor institutional role, but now, with Frederick’s imminent proclamation, some Danes are considering the option of change. The possibility has been raised that the new king will promote Joachim’s return to Denmark, increasing his prominence on the Royal House’s agenda and similar to the role played by Margaret II’s sister Princess Benedicta. Expectations are low, but The issue of reorganizing the institution is under consideration by the new king And wants to rely on his brother to represent the head of state.

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