This is how the (almost) unknown tax deduction of 200 euros works

Not just medical and home care costs. In the tax return a deduction can be inserted among the least exploited each year.

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The moment of the tax return is a fundamental point for the whole year. In a context of variable and potentially deleterious expenses for family finances, the logic of saving fits fully into the discussion. So much so that, in times of pandemic, it is even over to accumulate in excessive quantities on the various current accounts, causing an implication of stagnation. Aware of the problem, focusing on tax deductions could be a good solution to recover something at the end of the year, not just to give it back. Indeed, some bonus users seem to have put the deduction in their tax return even in front of an immediate benefit such as the discount on the invoice.

This is because, at the end of the show, a tax discount could be a bigger benefit than an immediate reduction in spending. However, we are not always perfectly aware of how many opportunities there are actually regarding the deduction. Beyond the medical bills and of particular domestic interventions, other important deductions are often little known, so much so as to escape at the time of the tax return. For example, not many people know they are entitled to a deduction of around 200 euros at the end of the year, simply by presenting a certification.

Deduction from 200 euros with a certification: what it is

A picture of the various deductions is therefore necessary, so as not to lose what is in one’s right. With the end of the year, it should also be remembered that several bonuses will expire. Among these, at least a couple relating to families, which will probably converge in the general universal single check. However, for those who have the necessary requirements, it is still possible to apply and get important contributions. The same for taxpayers, with concessions of up to 4,800 euros and additional INPS contributions designed specifically for women. Bonuses that, at the end of the year, will be able to reserve advantages also in terms of income tax returns, subject to the inclusion of specific certifications.

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For example, one of the least exploited deductions concerns real estate brokerage expenses. Basically, when you buy a house and rely on an intermediary such as a real estate agent, you will be entitled to a 19% personal income tax deduction on a maximum expense of 1,000 euros. The calculation between the relief and the maximum amount it should therefore yield a recovery of 190 euros, as established by Law 39/1989. The amount must be declared by attaching sufficient documentation to demonstrate that the expenditure made was destined for the main residence. And that it is actually entered in the personal registers. A simple declaration in lieu of the deed of notoriety will suffice.

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