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Action, comedy, adventure, science fiction… There are many genres of cinema and in almost all the theme of casinos it has been the protagonist. And it could not be otherwise, with its charm and popularity. Today we review some of the most memorable movies about casinos.

The Gamblers (1974)

“The Player”, as the title of the film is translated into Spanish, was directed by Karel Reisz. It deals with one of the great problems associated with gambling, gambling. Its central character, Alex Freed, is a literature professor who enters a spiral that he cannot stop. The film creates a connection with the audience thanks to the masterful performance of James Caan.

Any one of us can be this poor man! He has lost everything and continues to go into debt to be able to play. This performance earned him a Golden Globe nomination for best actor. Other figures in the cast are Paul Sorvino, Lauren Hutton and Morris Carnovsky.

Rounders (1998)

How far could you go for a friend? This is the case of the young Mike McDermott, who thought he had left the game behind to dedicate himself to his studies. But his past catches up with him when Norton, his old fling buddy, is released from prison. He has returned to drag him back into the world of gambling.

Things take a turn for the worse when Mike is forced to come up with $15,000 to pay off an old Norton debt. If he doesn’t, his friend will die. Of course, the way to do it is by playing. Starring Matt Damon, Edward Norton, Gretchen Mol and John Malkovich. The film earned a nomination at the Venice Film Festival.

Casino Royale (2006)

It is one of the favorites of game lovers. online casino spain, accustomed to strong emotions. Not in vain is the twenty-first sequel to the franchise of the well-known secret agent james-bond.

This time it is Daniel Craig who plays agent 007. His new challenge is to catch the banker who launders the money of all the terrorist groups in the world. But first, Bond must beat him in a game of cards. The cast also includes Eva Green, Mads Mikkelsen and Jeffrey Wright. It won the Best Sound award at the BAFTA Awards.

Casino (1995)

Based on a true story told in a novel, this drama is a classic casino movie. The plot brings out all the hidden vices in the sordid world of the game. In short, it narrates the events that led a casino owner to the top and his subsequent ruin.

The film was directed by Martin Scorsese and starred Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci. Sharon Stone was nominated for best actress at the Oscars and was honored in the same category at the Golden Globes.


There is no doubt that we gambling lovers love casino movies. Fortunately, we have plenty to choose from. Another of our favorites and that we highly recommend is rain man. And how to forget The Pelayos?

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