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Joselu: “I am different from what is in the Madrid team”

“After the Bayern game I said that you need to take advantage of your chances and I always said that you should never give up. For me the time has come, it’s never too late, that’s how it looks with Modric and Kroos, from whom I also draw inspiration. At 33, it was an impressive season.”

“You know, when you come to Madrid, you talk to the coach, to the club… I am different from what is in the team and there are games that can get stuck, and this is another resource that has been successful. Happy for everything I was able to contribute personally and athletically because I was very well-liked in the locker room.”

“Madrid have a gift, something special: when other players face us, there is uncertainty about what might happen in 90 minutes. We’ve only lost two games this year. We surrendered all 25 people in the detachment. And even if they explain it to you, until you are inside, you will not understand the influence and scale of the club.”

“The coach did a great job. The locker room is very healthy, there is no ego that affects the well-being of the squad. This is very important, it is reflected in training and matches. “Almeria, Bayern, City… we know how to endure and we have such a winning and competitive mentality that we know our moments will come.”

“Ancelotti, after winning the League, thanked us for the healthy dressing room he had. “He recognizes that he is one of the best players of his career.”

“I’ve been told this season that I’m an inspiration to a lot of people. I believe that nothing is impossible in football. The difficulty is that I have traveled halfway around the world and knew how to take advantage of the moment when it came to me. Work, ambition, sacrifice and the environment.”

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