this is how you clean your dog’s paws

In this period of health emergency it is important to minimize the risks, which is why our dog’s paws should also be cleaned.

Who has a dog he knows how important it is to leave the house, taking a nice walk is essential for his well-being and if a few years ago this action would not have aroused any thought, something with thesanitary emergency has changed. We must be careful and be aware of what we do and this also includes the activity with our dog.

If you have a dog you should add this good habit after the walk. (Source: Adobe Stock)

This discourse is in particular aimed at those who live in the city and take their big dog for a walk, running into many potential risks of contagion. It must be said that the fact that dogs can directly transmit the Covid has been deniedWHO, but this does not mean that we should avoid being attentive to the hygiene of our dog and therefore also to ours, in order to avoid the risk of a indirect contamination.

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Cleaning your dog’s paws is super easy

When we put our nose outside the house it is important to be careful where we walk and where, therefore, we make our dog put his nose: it is possible to step on everything unwittingly, salivary secretions for example, perhaps positive people. However, we cannot control every little step.

After the walk, clean your dog’s paws like this. (Source: Adobe Stock)

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The virus can stay on hair and on legs of our animal, as on any surface. For this reason it is crucial disinfect I trust non-aggressively and carefully. If we think about it, as soon as we get back from home, the first thing we do is wash our hands and our four-legged friends should do the same.

The legs can be cleaned with water it’s a mild soap suitable for animals or even with a solution of water And chlorhexidine, a antiseptic and disinfectant product, there are also some comfortable ones wipes with specific chlorhexidine.
If you want to opt for the water solution, just dip your paws in the water and scrub them well.

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Adding this little cleaning to our routine will be enough to keep everyone calm and take our walks with our four-legged friend without worries.
Never use other soaps, they could irritate the dog’s skin. For any doubts it is always advisable to ask the opinion of your veterinarian.

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