This is Kartagener’s syndrome

On May 15, Eduardo went for a medical examination. At 42 years old, he has always tried to lead a healthy lifestyle, and in general he has succeeded, with the exception of a cold that completely went away after a couple of months. He doesn’t drink except on very rare occasions, doesn’t smoke, and plays sports. Despite all his activity, in the last few months he feels that sometimes he’s out of breath and they give him coughing fits. He believes this may be because his work situation has worsened. He becomes increasingly stressed, and unfinished tasks accumulate, taking away the time he previously devoted to leisure. One day, after several sleepless nights and severe headaches, it burst. While walking, he stopped and put his hands on his head. I felt it stabbing pain will make him lose consciousness in the middle of the street.

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Fortunately, he managed to recover, and at that moment he decided to get rid of his fears and make an appointment with a doctor. After weeks of waiting with no more outbreaks, she finally arrived at the office and after a series of questions the doctor He took the stethoscope and placed it over his heart, on the left side of his chest.. Suddenly he made a strange face and He changed it to the right side. After going out to check her medical history, the doctor offered her a diagnosis that turned her world upside down. Or rather, I would change it from left to right. The doctor suspected that Eduardo had Kartagener syndrome. All his organs were inverted. His heart was on the right, his liver on the left, and he He lived half his life without knowing it.

Although this story is a collection of different situations and patients in an imaginary scenario, Kartagener’s syndrome This is a very rare disease that affects approximately 1 in every 15,000 live births. In addition to recurrent lung infections and episodes of sinusitis, patients experience a condition known as reverse position, which means the organs are on the opposite side of where they should be. This peculiar symptom is the result of a change occurring during the development of the embryo, which does not allow it to differentiate between left and right. Without a guidewire, the likelihood of all organs being on the opposite side for a person with Kartagener syndrome is almost the same as if a coin lands on heads or tails.

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