This Is Me… Ouch: Jennifer Lopez Begins to Cancel Concerts on Her Tour

The new era of Jennifer Lopez seems, to say the least… complicated. The singer was right with the premiere of the film ‘This Is Me… Now’ on Amazon Prime, where her clients placed it among the most viewed on the platform at first, but the album did not suffer the same fate: it ended up debuting in a catastrophic #38 on Billboard, moving just 16,000 copies: 14,000 from its physical and digital edition and just 2,000 from streaming.

It is, by far, the worst-performing album of his career: already in 2014 he was playing with ‘ AKA ‘, but even then he managed to convince 33,000 buyers and reached #8. The problem with this job? In addition to the obvious and logical wear and tear of his profile due to the years he has been active, the fact that the job rollout started in November 2022 but did not see the light of day until 2024. You cannot spend a year and a half announcing a job and expect that when the hype arrives, it continues to be at the level of the first promo. Especially after a full decade of waiting between albums.

And of course, the fiasco of the entire album – it doesn’t help that in the film documentary Jennifer Lopez points out, on camera, that she was aware that there was no hype for her musical comeback – has ended up affecting the tour. Because ‘This Is Me… Now’ in visual terms, in the strictly performative aspect of the matter, is as baroque as it is insubstantial. You can enjoy watching it in an ironic way, but of course, there aren’t that many people willing to spend money on two hours of live irony.

So the tour, scheduled between June and August of this year in the United States, has begun to schedule dates: seven dates have already been cancelled, with no further explanation than a refund of the ticket price. Ticketmaster has confirmed that the cancellation has been made “at the request of the event organizers. “

It is also not difficult to understand why some appointments have been cancelled. If we look at the ticket map of the concerts that are still standing, the outlook is not too rosy for Lopez. This is, for example, the current status of ticketing for the Miami concert, an appointment that we could consider easier for Lopez to fill, due to the pull of her Latin audience. Draw conclusions.

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