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Alvaro Arbeloa was one of the commentators chosen by RTVE to commentate the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund at Wembley. The other was Luis Milla. We don’t yet know how much the former Real Madrid striker earned, but Real Madrid fans were happy that a player so associated with the club was chosen.

Former club footballer when the white club once again became champions of the Champions League and won their 15th European Cup. made it clear what Real Madrid is: “Madrid have developed the competitive gene to survive. We have a group of players who are going to match Paco Gento, which seemed impossible.” What this team has done is amazing: with all the injuries, the elimination of the European champion, playing very good football, hats off. “With a legendary coach, he is making history at our club.”

Arbeloa, the voice of Real Madrid fans on the broadcast, was clear: “I think we have to make a big deal of it.” because it’s not normal, it’s not normal to win six Champions Leagues in ten years, that’s what we Madrid fans should enjoy. When we weren’t defeated in the European Cup final, we were defeated in Lisbon, Milan, Paris. But this is Real Madrid, these are our competitors, we are the kings of Europe.. “We have the same Champions League as all the English people combined.”

It was his first time

Current coach of Juvenil A Madridchampionship loser Atlético de Torres, outlined the tactical details of the match and began from Bellingham’s position: ““Jude defends in a four-man line on the left, that’s his place.” And he continued the “imposition” in the first person, as if he were part of the group: “In our last five matches we were either winning or drawing at half-time.“We have to make them run and tire them out,” he commented before the tenth minute of the match.

Madrid suffered in the first 25 minutes. And Arbeloa too: “If we lose the ball we will have to retreat quickly because if we don’t retreat quickly they are very good at counter-attacking.”. You have to stop them, you don’t have to let them run, they steal the ball from the right and know they have to look to the other side.. If anyone had any doubts about why Dortmund ended up in the European Cup final, they’ll show you why. Nobody gives you a chance to participate in the Champions final.“, Arbeloa commented after Adeyemi’s second chance.

In the second part there is more active participation

Arbeloa said little in the first half. Juan Carlos Rivero gave way to him and Millet, but the reality is that the latter did more talking in the first half than the former Real Madrid striker. And Arbeloa started thinking about substitutions even before the eighth minute of the second half: “I think it’s too early to make any changes, but I think the coach is already thinking about changing the game.. “He has the choice of Lucas to have more possession of the ball, Josel to correct, he has a lot of players who can change the dynamics of the game.”

The youth coach also repeated what Ancelotti said at the previous press conference: “Anyone who thought this would be an easy game doesn’t know what it’s like to play in a European Cup final. “Now the other teams are on vacation and watching the game on TV.”

After Carvajal’s goal

When Madrid scored, Arbeloa was blunt: “He is one of the best right-backs in history, not just in Madrid. Now we need to hold on, play slowly, break the rules… Madrid knows they will have opportunities, there is no need to forgive in the world of football and especially in a match like this. This goal really hurt them, knocked them out of action, they know how difficult it is to come back now.”

Arbeloa also had time to praise retiring German Toni Kroos, who matches Gento: “Kroos is in God mode. I wish him good luck in the EuroCup and tell him that we will miss him very, very much,” the current coach concluded.

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