This is one of the best games of 2024, but Nintendo removed it from the Switch eShop: what happened to Balatro?

Balatro is a card game based on the rules and cards of poker, offering a challenging and addictive challenge. bagel. Without making much of a splash, the game, published by Playstack and developed by LocalThunk, a one-man studio, has managed to become one of the best games of 2024 and has already grossed nearly a million dollars in just eight hours since launch. .

However, an unexpected event caused Balatro no longer available in some digital stores. The game publisher himself released this statement, published on his website. official twitter account. In it, he explains that several regions prohibit the purchase of the game in digital console stores. In Spain, it has already disappeared from the Switch eShop.

What is the problem Balatro? Why was it removed from stores?

As Playstack explained, the problem is due to a sudden change in age classification: Balatro went from PEGI 3 to PEGI 18 for the use of gambling images, although those responsible are quick to clarify that this game does not encourage such games. IN PS Store and Xbox Store already have this rating, and On Switch, the online store has been completely removed.

Editor Balatro did not provide specific information about which stores and regions the game was removed from, although For now, we know that this only applies to consoles. and that on the Nintendo Switch this is the only place where it seems to be impossible to buy it (on the PlayStation and Xbox you can, although it is marked PEGI 18). In a statement, Playstack reminds that it is available on PC and assures that They are working to put it back on the market. in stores from which it has been removed, even if it has a conditionally higher age rating than necessary.

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