THIS is Oppenhimer co-star Cillian Murphy, who has been hailed as ‘one of the funniest people’

During his dark days on the set of Oppenheimer, Cillian Murphy said there was one co-star he could always turn to who would make him laugh. He called Emily Blunt, who played Oppenheimer’s wife Kitty in the film, one of the funniest people he had met and who helped create a close friendship between them.

Cillian Murphy found Emily Blunt to be one of the funniest people he had ever met.

During an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Cillian Murphy spoke about a very important rule that he follows while filming. The Oppenheimer actor said he “can’t work if there’s no lightness on set,” especially as he takes on more serious roles. “There has to be some levity,” Murphy explained.

He continued: “A lot of the films I make are quite heavy and go to dark, difficult places, and you have to be relaxed to do that. So I don’t walk around in a state of goddamn sadness. I need to feel calm. I can’t be in this dark place all the time. “I don’t have the stamina for this.” During the filming of Christopher Nolan’s summer blockbuster Oppenheimer, in which Murphy played American scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer, lightness was especially important.

Cillian Murphy called Emily Blunt, who played Oppenheimer’s wife, one of the funniest people he had met and who helped create a close friendship between them. “She’s also one of the funniest people, and I have a rule: I can’t work if there’s no lightness on set,” he said.

Emily Blunt talks about Cillian Murphy’s diet for Oppenheimer

Cillian Murphy underwent a significant physical transformation, including losing weight, to play J. Robert Oppenheimer, inventor of the atomic bomb. He had to follow a very strict diet to lose those extra pounds. Emily Blunt, who played his on-screen wife, told Extra: “He had such a huge undertaking. And he could only eat almonds every day. He was so exhausted.”

Matt Damon also told Extra that “the sheer amount of work that he did and the level of detail that Christopher (Nolan) required.” He always had something to think about. There was something he needed. “To.” “Stay ahead,” Blunt finished for him.

Cillian Murphy opened up about his drastic weight loss for the role during an interview with IndieWire, saying, “I don’t recommend it.” The weight loss was part of an effort to look as physically similar as possible to the real Oppenheimer, a man who, according to Murphy, lived off “cigarettes and pipes, he alternated between the two.”

In an interview with The New York Times, he said, “I like to play with my body, and Oppenheimer had a very distinct physique and silhouette that I wanted to correct.” “I had to lose quite a bit of weight and we worked on the costume and tailoring; “He was very thin, almost emaciated,” he added. “He had very bright eyes and I wanted to give him that wide-eyed look, so we worked a lot on his silhouette and expression before we started.”

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