This is the additional monthly payment that health workers in Cuba will receive

Cuba has approved pay measures to motivate workers in the national health system to stay in their jobs. These measures include additional monthly payments for years of service.

According to Resolution 21/2023 of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security:

– Doctors, dentists, nurses, psychologists, technologists and other health professionals and technicians working in the budgetary sector of the national health system will receive additional monthly payments for their years of service. After 30 years of service, they will receive a raise of 400 pesos every two years. All time spent in the profession is counted, whether continuous or not.

Services rendered over the years Accumulated Monthly Amount (Pesos)
5 1000
10 1400
fifteen 1800
Twenty 2200
25 2600
30 3,000

– Employees of medical science universities will receive payment for the established years of service to the higher education system.

– Doctors, dentists, nurses and technologists, and other health professionals and technicians who work at night (between 7 pm and 7 am) will receive this payment amount.

tasks performed Hourly Rate (Pesos/hour)
Doctor and Stomatologist 50.00
nursing staff 40.00
Technologists, Other Graduates and Health Technicians 30.00

– Doctors and dentists will receive 50 pesos per hour if they work on weekends during daylight hours. This is applicable from 12 noon on Saturday and 7 am on Sunday.

– An additional payment is established for health professionals and technicians who work directly in high-demand health services and which require a high level of responsibility, or where the characteristics of the pathology treated are Requires more physical or mental effort than usual. This additional payment is made for time exposed to special working conditions.

set of special working conditions Doctors and Stomatologists Nursing staff, psychologists, technologists, pharmacists and other professionals and technicians
Yo 3.00 1.20
Second 4.50 2.30
third 6.00 3.50
IV 7.80
V 9.00

Explanation: Rates (pesos/hour)

– Payments to health professionals are authorized for maximum effort by enhancing care, teaching, research and other services that ensure the vitality of the health system.

– An additional payment for special working conditions per group of institutions, services and activities has been established.

Two annexes are part of this resolution covering institutions, services and activities by grouping with special working conditions, taking into account services that require a high level of responsibility or where the pathology to be treated is The specialties require more physical and mental effort. than usual. you can get advice from them Resolution,

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